monkey think maybe mr pope # 266 francis = ok guy for = boss of catholic church world religion business. Man = ex catholic & say mr pope have winning public face but that not tempt Man into go back into catholic church even 1 nanosecond. why not ask monkey. Man say because at core of church it same church what he leave > 50 year ago.

monkey scratch head for show not understand & ask Man why long ago he leave church.

Man make frown + think face at same time. then Man tell monkey he give example with picture why church = not experience he want in life > 50 year ago & today & all year in between & all year in future. picture below not something Man make up. picture come from religion book what Man forced to study when he = impressionable little boy. book have name baltimore catechism.

first picture show catholic universe. Man say maybe church get science more now than when church threaten galileo with torture if he not shut up but underneath church still think there heaven and purgatory and hell. it basic part of church.


in case reader not know what = purgatory then little picture story next down there tell what. when Man = little boy story like down there scare crap out of him. priest & nun teach Man that father god = full of love & mercy and father god set 100 % best example for human creation. so why god want torture someone in purgatory. or hell. that not make sense to Man when he little boy. it confuse Man & set Man on road to leave church as soon as possible & figure out other way for deal with suffering.purgatorionext come picture of cross & suffering parade in creation of father god. first march jesus in cross parade. jesus = man + god. then come mother of jesus mary who born without sin so she have clean body for get pregnant from holy ghost and carry jesus who also not have dirt of sin on soul. then come church bureaucrat what tell human creature how to think & talk & behave. then come lay people what just obey order or wind up in purgatory or hell. monkey ask Man why little girl last in line. Man say that because female human creature = least respected human creature of all by church.

universe3strange gross picture next show blood pour from hole in side of almost dead jesus who = pretty soon dead on cross & later walk around alive again & then float up into heaven place. blood shoot into cup what priest hold up for catch it but blood spill anyway all over earth planet & splash into hand of mans & ladies & littles. Man say picture = oversimplification of sacrament & blood sacrifice story of jesus & etc. Man say more complete story even more bonkers than picture & not worth wasting space on blog.


it very easy for screw up & make sin & offend thin skinned jesus and tantrum throwing father god & go into purgatory or hell. here example. reader try make imagination see 1 catholic boy like Man pretend for get sick & stay home on sunday & watch cartoon instead of go to boring mass with mother & father. what catholic boy do = 100 % mortal sin. now pretend on next day monday same 1 catholic boy get hit by car & croak before he go confess to priest about watch cartoon instead of go to church. too bad for little boy. he go straight to hell forever for burn in flame of horrible torture. that pretty stiff penalty monkey think.

thinskinnedjesushere picture what help catholic understand sinful nature of all human creature. Man say it cruel & backward for teach littles that they = lowly sinful worm what always need keep score of own sinfulness so not annoy jesus & father god and for make good confession so they not go into purgatory & hell torture chamber.


catholic church little bit like republican party. why. here why. both have unhealthy obsession with sex stuff. when Man little he wonder why father god bother for create sex & not just let human creature reproduce like amoeba what just split into 2 piece. when Man little he learn it important for try hard for not have even sexy thought because it sin.becarefulbut it not end of world for have mortal sin & not so bad venial sin pollute soul because catholic always have sacrament loophole what = confession. go confession & tell priest all nasty thing you think & do and get forgiveness of sin.


there only 2 catch. #1  confession have to have 100 % sincereness or it no good. # 2 it possible for make bad confession. down there little catholic boy john tell priest only 3 out of 4 sin. probably sin # 4 = something about sexy thought or touch self or etc what embarrass john because of church training. if john next leave church & get hit by bus & croak then reader know rest of story.

johcantwinMan say he glad he leave lunacy of church & figure out how create worthy life of accomplishment & good behavior on own without brain demented by supernatural nonsense. now monkey understand why Man rather take quiet walk in nature place than go into church.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader not have offendedness about post of today & unsubscribe from monkey blog. monkey just report little bit of why Man avoid church. if reader want go into church & believe what church teach then that business of reader & not of monkey and not of Man

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.