yesterday Man & Lady say it perfect autumn day so it good time for go on autumn walkies in little nature place near by house. today monkey make sharing nice with friend presentment of little bit of picture Man take with camera machine

fallwalk1Man & Lady & monkey travel all over but Man say there no nature place more special in heart of Man & Lady than little preserve place < 10 minute from house. many many year Man & Lady walk path of preserve & each time there something new for see.

fallwalk2Man have eye what look up & down & all over for find thing what = pleasure for mind. for 1 instance yesterday Man see leaf of red sumac float like cloud in front of other tree what have white cloud float in back.

fallwalk3Lady too love nature place & say autumn light = most wonderful light of all what pour down from sky. monkey agree there something of specialness of autumn light what hard for explain but somehow it make meaning of life more clear.

fallwalk4there pretty marsh where walk Man & Lady. in spring there many water bird what come for paddle around. now there not too many water bird. just green heron & great blue heron & great egret and some mallard duck what monkey hear quack far away in marsh.

fallwalk5leaf behind schedule for change into color of red & yellow & brown & orange & etc. in woods part of preserve place leaf change with slowness this year but soon woods become full from color what look pretty.

fallwalk6if reader look careful then reader see red thing in picture up there. maybe reader wonder what = red thing. here what. red thing = many dragonfly what now in time of finding mate. sometime 2 dragonfly zoom away stuck together. that mean dragonfly have success in pick up spouse & now begin for make egg what go in water for hatch later. here link for reader who have interest in how that work. dragonfly cycle of life.

fallwalk7Man say it hard for catch spirit & aliveness of changing world of autumn in picture. that because Man not have professionalism with camera machine. but Man take picture any way. why. here why. later when Man & Lady not able for go out for walkies in nature any more then they look at picture & remember past days of walk about with 100 % great pleasure under autumn sun.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy 7 picture today & live where there perfect autumn day for walk around with open wide eye & enjoy world of naturalness.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.