today monkey finish report of last camping trip of Man & Lady & monkey in year of 2015.

tailincrackthere 1000s of cool rock on shore of giant lake where monkey camp. Man take many picture but tell monkey reader probably have 100 % boredom with look at all rock picture unless reader = geologist so monkey just put 1 picture here of rock. monkey love rock in picture. why. here why. it have coordination of color with monkey except for red mouth of monkey. it have nice groove for monkey park fanny in & relax. monkey want take rock home but Man say # 1 it belong to lake and # 2 it too heavy for lift anyway.

beeonflowerfavorite autumn wildflower of Man = wild purple aster. in woods Man & Lady & monkey see purple aster with bumblebee. monkey ask Man what mean word aster & Man explain it come from language of latin and it mean star.

funguson trail in woods there many dead tree on floor. on tree sometime fungus grow like in picture up there. monkey ask what kind = fungus in picture & Man say he not know exactly but think it some kind of trametes. before monkey even ask Man say it not good idea for pick and eat. why ask monkey. Man say # 1 because he not know if it safe for eat and # 2 it important for leave fungus alone to do job of decomposing so world not fill up with dead stuff.

monkeyondriftwoodwhen it almost time of night & darkness monkey go with Man & Lady to shore of giant lake for watch sunset. monkey sit still with waiting patience on log.

ladywaitforsunsetLady too watch with patience while Man take picture. monkey sorry reader not able for hear wave come on rock because it make sound of great pleasantness.

stillcomesunsetsoon sun go closer to water & sky look pretty & monkey have little bit shiver of excitement go down back and out end of tail.

heresunsetnowsky turn more red and pretty. Man say it impossible for catch prettiness with camera but monkey say just do best as can. later when Man & Lady & monkey look at picture it bring back richness of past moment of sunset on giant lake.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader live near giant lake with camping so reader maybe go enjoy nature too. Man say it not necessary for go camp near giant lake for enjoy nature but monkey think it make camping have more extra specialness.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.