monkey = quiet last few day here. why. here why. monkey go away camping with Man & Lady. now monkey make report with 7 picture + story today.  7 picture more + story come maybe tomorrow.

campsitehere reader see campsite where Man & Lady & monkey stay in doghouse trailer machine. it nice place with woods & quietness & no neighbor with loud voice and smoky campfire. it easy for back trailer in so Man not make bad swears when park trailer.

ladyrelax Man say inside trailer it bigger than it look from outside so it like tardis of doctor who. monkey not understand that & Man say he explain later. here Lady make relaxation & read while monkey take little nap. inside trailer there permanent bed thing with room for Man & Lady & monkey & there sink + 2 burner stove machine + little refrigerator + little storage closet space + air conditioner machine + many window for let many light ray in + fan on roof. place from where Man take picture have table + seat + more storage. there enough room in doghouse trailer machine so Man & Lady not feel cooped & not get too much on nerves of each the other.

monkeyduckiethere many place for go enjoy nature where Man & Lady & monkey camp. here monkey sit by little pile of rock what other camper make on shore of giant lake near campground. monkey see pile of rock like here in many other place all across great country oh canada and # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave. rock pile have name cairn.

monkeyontrailmarkerthere many trail where Man & Lady & monkey camp. marker on trail help hiker find way & not get lost in woods. Man say sometime it fun for get lost but monkey not understand how that = fun. trail marker help monkey see where monkey been & where monkey going. that make simple brain of monkey keep calm when it in someplace brain not recognize. monkey wish there trail marker in life. Man laugh with different opinion.

dogtagon 1 trail monkey walk there dog collar hang from little tree. some ago time 1 dog what have number 1182 lose collar and dog tag on trail. monkey hope dog not get lost. dog too stupid for read trail marker so monkey hope man or lady what = owner of dog not lose dog. monkey find many interesting thing on many trail monkey walk. that because monkey always keep ear + eye open with alertness.

lostsockhere 1 more sample of what alert brain of monkey find on trail. it pair of sock what someone lose. simple brain of monkey wonder how in hell someone lose 2 sock from feet. Man say maybe someone go wade in giant lake near trail & just forget sock & someone else find sock and put sock on branch for make it easy for other someone find. Man probably have correctness but it still not explain why someone not notice sock missing from feet.

berryplantmonkey look on ground and see little red berry grow and wonder if berry = good for eat. Man say he not sure but probably little red berry what grow in cluster not good for eat. if little red berry grow by self it maybe good. Man tell monkey little rhyme what help tell good from bad berry. here rhyme.

white & yellow kill a fellow
purple & blue good for you
red could be good or could be dead.

then Man tell monkey it better for buy berry in market instead of take chance on trail even with rhyme.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader like report of today and come back tomorrow or later time for more picture & story of camping trip.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.