today Man & Lady & monkey travel little bit for go walk in woods. it always good for walk under treetop along path & see what come. here some thing what run into monkey today.


here monkey read sign where trail start. sign tell what ok & what not ok for travel on path. there nothing what say it not ok for monkey go on trail. so monkey go on trail.



Lady use compass machine for find out what direction 3 explorer go through woods today. Man say it almost always = good idea for know direction someone go in. except when it not matter.



monkey squeeze into hole in tree. it hole what big bird make. name of bird = pileated woodpecker. one time before on blog monkey write about giant woodpecker what monkey see with Man & Lady in great state new hampshire.



it fun for find weird thing when go walk in world of naturalness. here monkey sit on root of tree what stick up out of ground in way monkey never see before & remind monkey of squid animal or creature in alien movie.



monkey spot web of spider on tree & down in hole live spider. Man say it funnel web but he not know exactness of what kind spider down there. he say it probably pretty big & pretty fast so monkey decide for leave spider alone & not poke web.



monkey sit & admire pretty orange mushroom what look good for take home & fry in butter & eat. Man say there many orange mushroom in world and it probably better for leave mushroom in woods than take home & eat & have liver dissolve & die. monkey have agreement.



monkey sit at end of trail on step what go up to nowhere but woods. one long time ago maybe there little bulding or house there what not there in presentness. it make monkey little bit sad for think about long ago peoples what go up & down stairs what go nowhere now..

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader have woods for go walk in like monkey.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.