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today monkey make presentment of part 8 of world of william story. it end piece of story so there no part 9 come later.

world of william
part 8 the end

william sit on porch step & light up 1st cigarette of day. he suck in deep drag & let smoke pour out through nostril. he watch smoke drift up in helter skelter swirl around head & vanish into air. piece of memory of what jules & alison say in last couple week still trickle in cranny of brain but william not give memory much thinking. he take swig from beer bottle & let out sigh of satisfaction when oils & acids & esters of beer fill cheek & flow around tongue & drain down throat.

william look across street into park & see man walk scotty dog along hedge. dog stop & sniff bush & then lift leg & let go stream of pee. little tentacle of feeling of unreality start massage brain cell of william but he laugh & it slip away like smoke what float up from tip of cigarette. alison right think william. if that dog = illusion it pretty damn good one. any way it pointless for anything with great intelligence go create illusion of peeing dog. william have niggle feeling he maybe missing some important idea but instead of try dig it out of brain & worry he take another gulp from bottle & think instead about alison.

last time they talk on phone yesterday she say something that stay with william.

here come flashback to yesterday of now of story. monkey indent flashback for show shift in time.

william dice carrot for salad when phone hum on kitchen table. oh shit he grumble but put down knife & pick up phone. yes he answer with little bit irritation.

william that you ask alison.

if it not then how about we pretend it is & see what happen next he answer.

there little bit quietness on other end & then alison laugh like barking seal & say that almost right out of pooh book so it sound like you back almost to normal.

whatever that mean say william in formula response.

it mean you come back from funk to us say alison.

yep. i suppose so say william.

i not hear from you for couple day & think why not give you jingle for see how every thing go.

william say so far so good. i sleep 8 hour & eat healthy food & cut way down on cigarette & fix that little prick who after my job.

that not what i ask about & you know that. what about little existential crisis you have?

oh that say william with teasing in voice. that over with now.

so you not worry now about if you just computation or illusion ask alison.

no. i not even worry about peeing dog say william.

what say alison with puzzle voice. what the hell that mean.

never mind. it nothing. it just little private joke i have say william. anyway i not worry now about life & universe & everything. like you say i just row the little boat in merry way along.

this easy for you ask alison.

of course not answer william. but i get better at do it.

alison say that great. hey maybe you want go out for pizza. bunch of us go to luigis later after jules get out from work.

hmm say william. i make big salad for dinner but it can go in fridge for tomorrow. yeah. ok. where i meet you.

why not you come pick me up at home & we go together.

ok but promise you not put shrink suit on.

alison laugh and say william i say before you not really need shrink. you just need grasp simple fundamental of life.

you mean the boat thing ask william.

i mean the boat thing say alison. i know it sound way too simple but believing boat thing & being ok with not have big answer to big question good way for keep sanity. it great wonderfulness for have ability for make own story. it much better than what your peeing dog have.

william laugh. no doubt. when you want me come over.

be here by 7 say alison.

flashback over so reader now back in now of story. william think of what alison say about wonderfulness of make own narrative thing. there great responsibility in write own story but many chance for make creative chapter. william look across street & see kids play in park. he think back into time when he little boy & enjoy run around & play & not worry about reality. life is good think william. it

freeze right there. see. what i tell you. alison shrink construct able for change intentionality of william construct to affirmative. last time peeing dog send it right into fugue state. hit reset & we see what happen when we make alison some one else.

like what this time.

how about we try alison friend with benefit construct.

no. i want this time we try alison stranger on park bench construct. then we use park background we have already & not need make 100 % new continuum stage.

what about sock monkey construct & reader of sock monkey say blog construct what read story of william on wordpress level. we use again or wipe.

that good question. what about for fun we try just transpose sock monkey code into new blogger construct & move all monkey blog reader construct over to continuum stage where alison stranger on a park bench construct work. it hell of lot less work for us.

that sound perfect. you want go grab lunch first & finish later.

how about luigis.

heck yeah.

this = the end

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy world of william story. it 1st time monkey try write any thing what = not just amusement. like story of marian in roobaville. or story of melissa & jason.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.