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today monkey get back on track of world of william story & make presentment of part 7.

world of william part 7

then you not think i crazy say william with hopefulness.

no. i think dream interpretation try for make sense of nonsense brain rubbish & most of time it not reveal any thing. but today i go out on limb because it look like locker dream have some meaning for you.

alison lean to get close to william & ask well first what you think dream of high school & combination lock & locker mean.

william shift in uncomfortableness & say it look like i try solve problem what hard for crack open.

hmm say alison. i think maybe you grasp little bit of what going on in brain. she make right eyebrow go up in question mode & ask you want hear what i think.

i think so say william.

ok then i tell you. you say in dream you have giant pack on back while walk to locker in morse science high school. well maybe that mean you walk in life with load of school & book knowledge on back & it not help when you get to mystery you want solve. you try lock combination. i not sure what first three number in dream mean except 42. alison smile and ask you read hitchhikers guide to galaxy maybe.

it one of my favorite book say william.

me too say alison. of course you remember what 42 mean in book.

william laugh. of course yes. 42 = answer deep thought computer give to question of what mean life + universe + everything. but it huge joke.

well maybe book & dream tell you it = joke for try figure out what mean everything.

william make not sure face. why i back in high school in dream. what mean that.

alison think hard and say we both go morse science high for real. in high school we think we know everything. we learn science = key for understanding of reality. but maybe in realness of life there no understanding of giant question of why there anything or how everything work. second combination in dream = 3 & 14 & 16 what look like pi & that not work. pi = irrational number. maybe dream tell you there no rational or irrational way for find out ultimate answer. dream say you might so well try any old number. & still you not open locker for find answer. all attempt go spiral down into futileness.

william sigh & say i kinda think that maybe true. but what in hell  i do. how i get back feeling of realness of world.

alison shrug. well william. since you ask i tell you what i think. maybe it make you feel better or maybe not but it work for me. everyone just make it up as we go along. there no book & no science & no religion & no philosophy & no etc what have answer any better than that.

so i make it up as i go along say william with not conviction.

yes. that what i think. you find meaning in life not in book or belief someone hand you & say just read this or just believe that. or just think this or just do that. it come from what you find out for own self.

that sound too easy say william with little frown line between eyebrow. if that true then anything go.

dont be obtuse william say allison with little bit spit fly from lip. you know goddam well that not true. what happen when you make it up not mean anything go. you have responsibility for make up life what = positive + moral + creative + etc. & that not easy.

william hold up peace hand. whoa there alison.

whoa there nothing say alison. you not cop out on me william. you get that narrow ass out there & try forget all your crap about i dont feel real & etc. you start put life together.

william open mouth for say something & alison interrupt & say more kindly look. it make no difference to you or me or anyone even if reality = running on some computer or everything just illusion. hey even if everything = illusion it pretty damn good one. so it time for you snap out from funk you in & go do best you can with what you have. it like in old song. maybe life = just dream. so what. you just keep row your boat anyway.

i not know alison say willian. what you just say sound good. maybe it true even. but i need think about it.

alison pat william on shoulder & give little bit squeeze of sympathy. that big part of your problem william.

later william walk down street to coffee shop. damn he think. i not able for get that frigging song out of my head.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader not like william and have earworm stuck in head of song row row row your boat.


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