light bulb of enlightenmentness of a sudden blast today in simple brain of monkey like explosion of crashing stock market. tiny voice what sound like monkey in brain of monkey say today it 1716 day since you start blog so why not you get suggestment for improvement of monkey blog. monkey tell Man what tiny voice say.

Man say that sound like 100 % good idea & Man let monkey open comment for help monkey. monkey not able for pay for suggestment so monkey hope reader want give feedback with spirit of generous free helpfulness.

comment open for all reader & visitor for 7 day.

  • maybe reader want monkey stop pick on politician creature or plutocrat creature or entertainment industry.
  • maybe reader want monkey try write more short story or poem or etc.
  • maybe reader want monkey try more hard for write in more better grammar.
  • maybe reader want more picture image.
  • maybe reader want monkey tell more excellent joke like huge orange head joke. or make more list of 10 thing.
  • maybe reader etc etc etc etc. etc.

goodbye today reader. monkey go now on porch & sit quiet & behave nice & listen to song of cicada bug what buzz loud in top of maple tree in yard & watch Lady snooze in hotness of afternoon & watch Man work on almost last chapter in novel. monkey shut bazoo for few day into future for see if feedback come.