today monkey interrupt presentment of part 7 of world of william story. today instead monkey share with reader exposement by mr john oliver of disgraceful religion business on televisionon. clip down there next about 20 minute long. at end mr john oliver show how easy it = for create own religion in # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave and rake up many $$$.

many time behavior of human creature puzzle monkey. but monkey not have confusedness about televangelist behavior. it just naked graspingness. monkey pretty sure mr savior messiah jesus not happy with anyone who make bu$ine$$ from religion. simple brain of monkey think jesus maybe lose temper & kick ass of mans & ladies what prey on flock of sheep what not aware of bamboozling bullshit.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader never send $$$ into pocket of greedy televangelist bunk peddler.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.