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first here picture from dream what william tell alison. then next come part 6 of world of william story.


wow. that sound like big issue for you william. alison sip from water bottle & sit down next by william on couch. he have little bit agitation so alison not make any sudden move.

dont talk like shrink ok say william. i not need shrink for dig in my head. i need answer.

i not able for give you answer to many question you ask. alison shrug & smile. i not sure anyone have kind of answer you look for.

i know reply william. i not need answer from you. i just need for you listen without think i crazy.

well i hear what you already say say alison and i not think you exactly crazy. maybe you just have huge wondering imagination that get little bit out of hand.

you really think that.

wouldnt say that if i not believe that.

you want hear about dream i have ask william.

alison give little chuckle laugh. hey i think you say you not want me act like shrink.

that right. i want you just listen to dream & then tell what you think. i not want you probe my childhood time or ask me many question about if i hear voice or have panic attack or etc.

well it hard for me turn off shrink switch 100 % laugh alison. but i give it try. go ahead. what dream you have.

william tell alison lock dream with many detail. i back in morse science high where we go school. it between class time & i try hurry to locker. i carry many book in huge bag on back. it so heavy i feel like almost i not able for walk just few more step to locker. then i see lock on locker. i think i know combination of 2 & 11 & 42 but when i dial number it not work. i try combination of 3 & 14 & 16 and other combination. nothing work. then i see key stick out from back of lock & have excitement because all i need do = turn key for get in locker. but when i reach for turn key lock start make many twisty copy of self what go spiral down into darkness & i not able for grab any key. then i hear little voice what say why not try any old number. when i say no there only 1 number little voice laugh & say that what you think. william pause & then say now i just remember. little voice say this anyway not even = your locker.

william look with quizzicalness at alison. so what you think he say.

alison fold up finger like little tent & put thumb under chin & park nose on top. she think for few moment & then say i hope i not sound too much like shrink for you but i think this not dream of someone who = nuts.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader try guess what alison tell william about dream. next in part 7 reader find out.

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