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in little episode of today william & jules eat lunch. & talk. reader can comment on post today way at end of post.

world of william part 5

so can we get some coffee jules say to waitress & then turn eye to william. now what the big problem william he ask.

william pause for think how make answer & then say first you start too many sentence with word so. why you do that because it very annoying.

jules flash own annoyance on face. my sentence structure he say. i take time off from work & that what you want talk about. my sentence structure.

william quick make calming word. no no. sorry but i not sleep ok for many night & i on edge. forget about start sentence with word so.

jules calm down and say well then what the problem.

william shift nervous in seat and lower voice. i really lose grip on reality. i have still feeling nothing real.

jules raise eyebrow. i thought we all done with that william.

you know how everything feel real most of time. well that not the way it feel to me any more. it all feel more like everything come out of answer to yes or no question in machine way down under everything.

jules laugh. you watch matrix movie too many time.

william make frown face & say maybe matrix movie part of universe simulation too. maybe agency what make universe simulation put matrix movie in simulation for joke.

joke on who ask jules. what kind of joke.

william look around diner & whisper i think sometime that universe just big digital experiment project of team of mathematician & comedian. maybe physicist too.

what. no theologian joke jules.

this not matter of joking jules say william. maybe even team just fart around & play in spare time & universe not even important experiment. maybe it just side project. or maybe it just some little middle school science project.

jules fold hand & sit quiet & thoughtful for few second & then say look william. you make self nuts with think about realness of universe. how about you just snap out of it & get on with thing.

snap out of what it. get on with what thing. that not much help jules.

jules make exasperation sigh. he think to self wow he really go around bend. i think it not possible for reason with poor bastard. jules reach across table & grab shoulder of william. well that feel real to me he say. how about you get some help. i mean from professional person. maybe alison help you.

i not need shrink william yell. other diner look over in surprise & waitress give stare.

ok ok calm down say jules. i just think we know alison since high school & she pretty smart. so what if she psychiatrist. that just coincidence.

that 100 % bullshit whisper william. you think i crazy.

no. no of course i not think you = crazy. i just think you need get different view on little slump you fall in. i just think maybe alison good person for talk to. im rubbish at help you.

william look hard at jules. yes you are he say. but maybe that not your fault & that just the way jules subroutine run. william stand up and many little crumb of toast fall from lap on floor.

jules point at crumb & ask you think with seriousness that there program what can make tiny detail like that in giant hugeness of universe. you think maybe some one program every quark & every lepton.

william say i not know what i think. that what i wonder & i not know. i not even know what word think mean anymore.

concern shine out from eye of jules. well maybe you not need know what think mean. just think about talk with alison ok. it not hurt & maybe she help.

william not make angry yell this time. well maybe i give her a call he say. i mean as old friend not patient.

good man say jules. you make call today ok. he shake hand of william & watch william go out door & disappear around corner. he sit back down & take sip of last cold swig of coffee. i better give alison call & tell about william he think. then tiny thought snake into worry fold of cerebral cortex of jules. what if william right. jules shake little worry off and laugh to self. next thing you know i start wonder about what word think mean.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope alison help poor william sort out universe in next episode of world of william.

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