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wow monkey make 2 post in 1 day and here come presentment of next piece from world of william story. today Man tell monkey it = ok for allow comment for post here now. if reader want make comment way down there today go ahead. but hate comment & death threat not = ok & monkey throw in trash.

world of william part 4

jules have puzzlement on face when he turn off phone. what in hell going on with william he think. why he still obsess over reality. jeez. i wish we never tell him when he drunk that he live in code what we create. it just joke for pete sake. why he still worry.

jules go in kitchen & pour cheerio & milk into old hopalong cassidy cereal bowl he find in thrift store last year. it look like william stuck in some sort existential crisis he think. how in hell i do any thing about that. jules stir milk & cheerio round & round faster until it look like little spiral galaxy in bowl. of a sudden jules feel regret for make lunch date with william. he think i have other thing i need think about today like debug code for new game in works. if i get late in assignment there go promotion i just get & little prick tyler take over.

jules spoon up cereal quick & drink milk from bowl. he dress fast but he not find left converse hightop sneaker he want wear so he pull on teva sandal instead. he grab daybag full of techy gear & sling it over shoulder & run from apartment to busstop through swirling flake of light snow. little thought sneak into brain of jules after he settle in seat in back of driver. if universe = like display of program then what code look like for some one like me who create code in universe. jules frown & think now stop that dammit or pretty soon you turn into 1 more william.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope story of william not infect brain of reader so reader start worry about why there any thing & what reality =. monkey find that = worry what go nowhere.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.