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here now come part 2 of new story what leak bit by bit out from simple brain of monkey.

world of william part 2

after william put last glass in dishwasher and mop up beer spill on kitchen floor he stagger into living room & plop on couch. he stretch both arm high over buzzing head & think wow that some party i throw. then thought sneak into mind of william of intervention last week when friends tell william stop worry & calm down because he not live in giant simulated universe. william remember they tell him he made from excellent code and live in reality as real as real can be what they make. it even better than reality of friends they say because unless someone hack code or delete william program then william live forever.

all week william = more calm when he not think about what friend say. maybe it better for live inside code he think. i wonder how they write code for memory i have & little voice in my head that speak this sentence right now william wonder. he light cigarette & then watch smoke curl up in randomness. how in hell they code every tiny piece of smoke he wonder. of a sudden william think but that not possible. i bet friend just pull joke on me. i just as real as friend. there no coder anywhere what can write program what model big complexness like giant universe or me or curl of cigarette smoke. william feel big load of dread & anxiety fly out from brain.

whew think william. i real & alive in real universe. he push self up from couch & make way into bathroom. he rinse out mouth of foul taste of cigarette. while he squeeze little bit toothpaste on brush little worrying thought slip into mind. but where code for real universe come from.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy little story of william what monkey make so far. part 3 come after monkey think more about realness. monkey hope reader not have anxiety & dread like fiction character william. it just story.

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