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monkey not = fan of big overstuffed anything. here 4 example.

  • sandwich what > 2 inch thick & full of greasy ingredient.
  • mcmansion what full of ego.
  • politician what full of stale baloney.
  • best seller novel what bloated with puff.

that enough example. monkey not mean all big thing suck. here example. cumulus cloud what look like giant cauliflower on horizon of earth planet = good thing for see & love. monkey just not enjoy overstuffedness.

instead monkey more enjoy thing what have dimension of briefness or smallness. that why monkey = fan of life or flash fiction.

maybe reader wonder why monkey write about dimension of smallness today. here why. Man introduce monkey to haiku poem thing what reader probably already know about. if reader want go refresh brain about haiku then here little video thing. if reader not need refreshment then skip video & jump down on monkey haiku experiment what follow.

silly monkey 1st think ok it easy for write tiny poem. but then monkey try & make discoverment that it 100 % not easy. many time monkey try. finally monkey manage squeeze out from simple brain poem & here what Man say. well its not awful but its derivative because the poet issa already wrote something like it. this irritate monkey & monkey say so what then issa & monkey have 1 thing in common. here poem from monkey & reader judge for self.

fly land on table
& lift front leg up to face–
pray fast little fly.

then monkey try again. & this time not write derivative poem. it 100 % original about japanese beetle.

japanese beetle
sit on raspberry bramble…
ready for get picked.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope now reader try write haiku sometime. it not easy but it fun. & challenge.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.