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today monkey make little review of go set a watchman what Man & monkey read together in < 1 day.

all fuss about atticus = now racist & segregationist in new old or old new book remind Man of time when st christopher get demotion in church of roman catholic. Man say there big fuss then too about fictional character. to simple brain of monkey it 100 % not make sense for reader get tail in knot & panties in bunch about ex fairytale saint christopher or ex fairytale saint atticus.

when Man start read first few chapter monkey & Man look at each other with same 1 thought. sure hope something interesting happen pretty soon because right now story = pretty dull slog. Man say it feel like author run on 1 aaa battery with 1/2 charge & not know how move story along. Man start pretty soon skim through page what always = sign book = ho hum.

in eventuality thing get interesting now & then but book = polemic with heavy hand most of time when it not flash back into past. still Man skim through page fast in hope of find some good writing or brilliance or new insight in nature of human creature or etc.

finally Man & monkey done. monkey think book not make so much sense if mockingbird book not there first & think watchman book ok but it show shallowness of theme stuff & not dynamic character & probably it better for it not get in print so nelle harper lee someday able for croak without silly controversy live on. Man say at least it not some piece of postmodern crap or some pretentious fluff or just plain rubbish or a sodding obvious paycheck. but monkey think it big cash cow for harpercollins.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader make up own mind about book go set a watchman but monkey believe if reader not read it then reader not miss much. ps Man help monkey with word polemic.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.