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today monkey finish up experiment of write mystery story & already monkey miss write about marian. why. here why. monkey get attachment to fun of make up story of marian & work on create character & use language skill & plan episode & improve grammar & invent language of figurativeness & etc. Man say he pretty sure simple brain of monkey find other thing for write about & monkey agree. but for today monkey done with mystery story & now here come for 1 last time

many murder happen in little town
part 15 marian finish project & take mexican vacation & story end

like combine go through corn field marian mow down rest of list. it take marian 1 month + 3 day more for finish payback project & eliminate threat to new identity life of marian. only 1 time marian run into trouble when sally periloux turn out = lot more strong than she look & kick marian hard in rib & make big scratch on arm. but marian make sure she clean dna from under fingernail of sally & it easy for hide scratch on arm.

short time after last on list have night time boating accident by fishing camp on lake marian take 1 week vacation in # 3 tripadvisor hotel in cozumel mexico what have 103 excellent & only 4 terrible review. there she relax & celebrate on hot beach & drink many fancy drink & go snorkel in reef of coral & take mexican cooking class & etc. sometime marian just go back in clean & comfortable & spacious room & let self sink into nap of delicious laziness & dream of time to come.

when refreshed marian get back in roobaville 1 morning she make chief mouton nice favorite breakfast of egg & ham & gravy & he tell her he have puzzlement over spike of accident death statistic number in roobaville. marian get little bit nervous but then he laugh and say well now honey that just some thing what happen once in while & i think thing calm down pretty soon. he lean to marian & give her pat on shapely bum. marian think they calm down now all right. & pretty soon i dump idiot chief mouton & maybe find nice real boyfriend or 2.

marian sink back onto peaceful life of roobaville librarian like lie back on goosedown mattress topper. she make little small chatty talk with library customer & put book back on shelf & have lunch at aunt mabels diner & shoo out sleeping old people when it time for close. always when she walk down aisle of murder mystery book in library she remember back on time when she find football what maggie belette leave there for scare her & what start marian on interesting project. some time even she wish there another interesting project for start on but always she give mind good shake & say to self now now marian. that enough of that. unless.

unless marian think. every then & now she wonder if anyone add 1 + 1 together & get marian = answer. she think it probably not chief mouton who = halfwit or deputy who = ½ halfwit. probably it not any one not on shredded to do list who know marian from long ago. it look like i off any hook she think. but there always chance that maybe someone know more than i know they know. marian sigh. i live ok with that she think. then big smile stretch lip wide across face as she look at pile of library tote bag in corner of office. but if i find out about some one who know more than what healthy for lil ol marian then i not need worry about how amuse my self. the end.

goodbye today reader. monkey know story of many murder happen in little town not win any award but monkey hope reader enjoy all episode of mystery anyway even if monkey skip over episode 7 and rush ending little bit. if reader = writer then monkey hope too reader get inspiration from monkey who even with use just simple brain sometime write ok.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.