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yay here come next episode in murder mystery. today monkey experiment more with dialogue. That mean character talk each with the other for make story more interesting & move story along. monkey try hard not just pour pointless yakking onto empty page like many published novelist. monkey apologize for rude word what sometime in post today but bad word there because that the way melanie talk. ok. now here come

many murder happen in little town
part 14 marian vs next on list melanie turpin

marian drive through night back to roobaville with window open & radio on soft. she think with satisfaction how little visit with melanie turpin end.

marian park 2 block away from house of melanie in centerville & stroll casual to 42 oak street where live melanie. she take breath & knock on door & soon there standing melanie looking like walrus stuffed in muumuu & with little bleach whisker on top lip. Marian almost lose cool & laugh. this not same pretty svelte cheerleader captain melanie from many year ago. time & experience not kind to melanie think marian.

gruff voice slap ear of marian. who you & whatchu want grunt melanie.

marian say my car break down & I wonder if I please can use phone.

melanie look with suspicion & say what. you not have cellphone.

marian answer silly me I let battery go dead.

melanie give marian inspection & say well ok come in & use phone. She point down hall & say it in kitchen by toaster on counter. help your self. she laugh & joke maybe you want toast too.

marian make fake laugh at poor joke & say thank you i really preciate it.

while marian walk down hall to kitchen she sweep with scoping eye all room in apartment. first she pass by bedroom on left where there clothes hang all over chair & on unmade bed. then she see little toilet room with shower stall & no tub. on right across from toilet room there room with couch & giant television machine & shelf full from knickknack & stuffed animal & picture in frame & trophy. in kitchen at end of hall there little table for eat in corner & sink full from dirty dish & pot & pan & etc.

marian pick up phone & pretend call someone for help. melanie stand sideway in doorway of kitchen with arm fold on top of bulge of stomach & wait while marian talk. marian talk little bit & say ok how bout you come pick me up then. she look over at melanie and ask what address & then she say i here at 42 oak street. ok. ok. about 20 minute. ok. thanks a bunch. see you.

marian put phone back in little stand & tell melanie someone come for pick her up in 20 minute.

so i hear say melanie. well why not you come in front room & wait here. it not good neighborhood for waiting out on street.

aw that very nice of you say marian. She make little crook of neck & smile.

melanie step out of doorway so she can turn around & then stump down hall to living room with marian follow along like tugboat follow cruise ship into dock place. melanie plop on couch & let out big woosh of breath. marian walk over by shelf & pick up teddy bear. cute she say & put it back. then she pick up trophy and ask what you win this for.

melanie say that trophy from cheerleading contest team win when i captain in senior year high school.

marian give it a little swing & say wow this pretty heavy.

melanie say be careful. that trophy mean a lot to me.

marian smile and say oh I be careful all right & put trophy back on shelf. she pick up picture and stare at it for 5 second. who this she ask.

that me & boyfriend from high school give melanie in answer.

he pretty good looking boy say marian. how come you still have picture.

it long story but I give you little version. my boyfriend have name harley funderburke & he & i plan get married when out from high school. but there little bitch what not leave him alone & lead him on & make him crazy. i tell harley she no damn good but he not listen & follow her around like stupid puppy dog. then she go ruin everything in life & push harley in quarry & he crack open skull & croak at bottom on rock.

marian make shock face & say that horrible. i hope you tell police & they catch little bitch & she in prison.

melanie make face of angry ugliness. i tell police all righty but they say there not evidence of oh what they call it.

foul play ask marian.

that it say melanie. useless bastard not do anything.

where this little girl what steal harley away & kill him marian ask.

oh she long gone. no one know where she go or what she up to.

i bet you like to meet up with her & settle score say marian with sympathy.

oh yes that what now every day i pray for someday happen. before I pray face of harley last thing I see before I die. but that not happen because he dead.

marian hand picture of harley to melanie & say wow that pretty sad story.

melanie answer it saddest story of all sad story in my life. she stare at picture with silence & marian see her go off in distant place in mind where she probably have memory come like gush of water from bathtub faucet.

with quietness marian go back to shelf & pick up trophy. she walk behind couch where sit melanie in memory gush. yessir marian say again. that harley 1 handsome boy. too bad he not keep hands off little me.

melanie turn around & point eye up at marian. marian say and it too bad it my face last 1 you see.

melanie look deep in eye of marian & with suddenness jaw fall down like 2 legged dog. it you she say. it you you little whore. im gonna bust

but marian not let her finish.

later marian put on vinyl glove & clean all surface with clorox wipe. she make sure plant fingerprint of melanie back on phone & picture frame & etc. then she find purse of melanie & dump it on bed & take wallet & throw stuff from drawer around. when she all done with set design she stand & look over all her work. i should get trophy she think but i dont think there trophy for what marian champ of.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader like dialogue from part 14 today. next post not = episode 15. instead monkey make presentment about dwarf planet pluto & astronomer scientist clyde tombaugh.

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