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many murder happen in little town
part 13 marian take time for catch breath & prepare next visit

four day later marian find article online from villages daily sun about fatal accident of jules laliberty found in deceasement by police when neighbor call & say he not see jules laliberty come out for 3 day. report say living condition of mr laliberty squalid & there evidence mr laliberty drink too much & slip on piece pizza on floor & fall on bowling ball & crack skull & croak. law enforcement say there no sign foul play & deceasement of mr laliberty look like unfortunate accident. report say jules laliberty = former teacher & bowling champ who keep to self & in poor health.

bye bye gutter ball think marian. she yawn & stretch with pleasure like cat what wake up from nap in spot of sun on comfy carpet & pull out list from purse & begin study. she look over name on list & joke it not long when soon i need find new hobby. finger of marian tap on each name while she count 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 marcotte & periloux & smith & turpin.

marian have little crease between knit up eyebrow when she think maybe it time for not work in order of alphabet because some one with brain notice pattern & start connect dot. she put finger on marcotte & say eeny meeny etc until it land on turpin who = 1 time girlfriend of harley funderburke.

turpin she think. melanie turpin badeaux goffin prout. when marian do homework she find melanie turpin get married 3 time & divorced 3 time & now live alone. file in police station laptop say long ago before melanie turpin start pile up crappy marriage she tell police she have funny feeling about marian & star quarterback harley funderburke. melanie turpin tell police it no accident harley fall in quarry but police say there not evidence for make arrest of any body.

marian get scowly & remember how harley pester her many time & how melanie have great jealousness even when marian tell harley go away & stop bother marian. but harley have more bone in head than brain & keep on with botherment & find out it 100 % big mistake for annoy marian like pesky skeeter what just beg for get swat.

it happen marian not need go on 1 more big road trip in diaper & eat out from cooler. melanie live just in next town over from roobaville & little ride to centerville in pleasantness of cool night breeze = piece from cake.

later after she finish fried catfish & oyster & turnip green combo take out dinner from aunt mabels marian start make preparation for take care of business. she get tote bag from closet in bedroom. marian always use new bag when go on next project. this bag have slogan on it what say never judge a book by its cover. marian think that = good advice for mans & ladies on list & laugh at little private joke.

then marian get serious & pack bag with tool for job & soon she drive again through darkness on road to centerville.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader like new episode what monkey squeeze out with pain from simple brain.

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