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today reader find out what happen in the villages in great state florida when marian find mr jules laliberty. what happen next not in little town of roobaville like in title of story but that ok because marian take memory of what happen back in brain to roobaville.

many murder happen in little town

part 12 marian return to roobaville

marian have 9 hour of drive in car from villages in sunny central great state florida back home to roobaville. she wear adult diaper like nasa astronaut lady for long trip so she not stop even 1 time for go pee. she eat & drink from cooler & stop only 2 time for put gas in car in little town what pop up on route 10. probably it not take me much more time drive than fly in jet she think. i back in roobaville before any one notice i gone.

so all night marian drive home like bee what fly back to hive. Marian bring back happy memory stuck in brain like pollen stick on leg of bee of how she ring on door of jules laliberty when it dark at night in villages & what happen next.

there stand mr laliberty in old man shirt with parrot & palm tree and 2 knobby old man leg without hair stick down from cargo shorts what he too old to wear. Marian glance over old wreck of mr laliberty but not say any thing. with puzzlement on frowny face jules laliberty say for what in hell you ring my door so late. Marian say good evening to you too mr laliberty. he have little bit startlement. i know that voice he think but i not know person voice come out from & how she know my name.

Marian toss hair around like cooked spaghetti noodle in collender & make little pout too & say aw you not remember lil ol me. how bout you say come in & then i help you remember. marian flash little sulky smile & make dimple come out. mr laliberty look at shapely leg of marian & think oh why not & say where my manners. you just come right in. how bout i help you with that tote bag there. it look pretty heavy.

oh i manage that ok say marian with 1 more dimple smile. she go inside & mr laliberty look up & down street & close door quiet.

well that more easy than i think say marian to self. she peek at watch & then sashay over by couch. she clear off pizza box & bag of potato chip & many empty beer bottle from coffee table & plop tote down.

i bring you something special all way from roobaville mr laliberty say marian with sweetness in voice. she say you want try guess what in tote.

mr laliberty scratch head & make think face. hmmm he say. how bout you give me little clue & how bout i open up nice cold bottle beer for you. by wayness what your name.

marian make little flirty swish with eyelash & say why mr laliberty someone maybe think you try have it on with lil ol marian. well you go just ahead & open that bottle & 1 for self & we see what happen.

oh it my lucky day think mr laliberty. he go to refrigerator & quick grab 2 bottle beer & twist off top in hurry & rush back to room with marian in it.

there he see on coffee table 3 thing what make eyebrow crawl in puzzlement up forehead like 2 caterpillar. there bowling ball & can thing of clorox wipe & 2 vinyl glove.

what this all about he ask marian.

marian say 1 time you on champion team of bowling league. that real cool mr laliberty. i bet you have great memory of bowl perfect game & help win champion trophy & get picture in paper.

mr laliberty have confusion but laugh & say that for sure. then he make leer smile at marian & say how about another champion game right now.

marian say why that exactly what i have in mind. she stand up & pull on glove & pat couch & say come right here & sit self down.

mr laliberty have hesitation. he think there some thing weird go on but then tell self oh go ahead you know you want to.

marian say make self comfortable & close eye because you in for big surprise. mr laliberty have uneasiness but many beer that night make him uncautious so he close eye & say i ready when you ready.

marian think oh i ready all righty. then she say you just sit still like nice boy & i take care of you. she lift up bowling ball over head of mr laliberty & think now it time for roll 1st strike.

in 15 minute marian fly back through darkness on road to roobaville.

Man say it help if reader understand when monkey say about diaper up there so if reader not understand about true story of diaper & astronaut lady then here what that about.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader have 100 % anticipationment for next episode of writing experiment project of monkey. Man get busy for couple of day so next episode come later in week.

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