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sister of Lady think it time now for marian get hit by bus in street for bring mystery story to quick end but monkey not have agreement. monkey today make story go 1 more step. there not too many step more before monkey settle end of story so sister of Lady just have to wait with patience.

many murder happen in little town

part 11 marian plan road trip

two day later marian sit in aunt mabels diner with black coffee & doughnut with pink frosting & little sprinkle thing on top what = favorite doughnut of monkey too. she read headline in paper roobaville guardian sentinel what say in tall letter on top roobaville cosmetologist still missing. in other article on front page reporter wonder if maybe missing rosy burgeoise & father pecquerie & maggie belette have connectedness. reporter say police say it too early for tell. that make marian laugh with quietness & she think later i find out what police really think from mr police chief mouton.

in two day after marian make rosy bourgeoise disappear she spend many hour in homework of find next 7 mans & ladies on little list of peoples what before connect marian to many nasty event in little town roobaville & parish what surround little town. already she cross off next 2 on list felix daigle & aubrey gilbert what 1 time long ago live on each side of house of family of marian. that very considerate of old nosey blabby neighbor felix & aubrey for croak on own & save me trouble think marian. then she scrunch up pixie nose what plastic surgeon give her & make pout with pouty lip what surgeon give her too. at same time it rob me of pleasure of settle old score.

marian stick end of pinky into coffee & dab up 1 blue sprinkle with tip of pinky. she examine sprinkle & then put little thing on tip of tongue & pull it back into mouth. even small thing like sprinkle make big pleasure she think. like eye of rosy bourgeoise what get big when she know who = marian.

then marian turn power of brain again on list & next name jules laliberty. jules laliberty remember back marian to time when she in grade # 5 with mr laliberty for teacher. he = 1 big miserable son of bitch who enjoy sharpen sarcastic tongue on ego of little children in class.  big scowl grow on face of marian. he not have to report marian to police for push little amy beausoleil off monkey bar in back of school. amy get only little bump on side of head & not remember name for couple of day.

already in research marian find out jules laliberty go live in the villages in sunny central great state florida. this = problem for marian who not want leave trace of project anywhere so there no flying for marian to orlando airport. marian start make list in head of thing not for do when make little visit to mr jules laliberty like never use credit card on visit & use only burner phone & pay cash $$$ for supply & gas for car & etc. so many way for plan have little glitch thing think marian. so many way for screw up. but then big smile spread across face like strawberry jam on piece of toast. but sweet little librarian marian very good at planning she say to self.

marian finish coffee with smack of lip & go then home for start packing.

that all for today. now monkey get ready with Man & Lady for go see parade & eat hot dog & drink beer & etc for july 4 day of celebration in # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave. monkey try again this year to get Man throw beer can at politician in parade but probably that not happen. Man always say that = waste of beer & not polite.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader not agree with sister of Lady who want throw marian under bus. monkey hope too reader have nice july 4 day of celebration with hotdog.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.