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today monkey make presentment of murder mystery part 10. why. here why. Man not have time for fix picture for cottage vacation report. now with no more waiting here come

many murder happen in little town

part 10 marian pay old neighbor rosy bourgeois visit

after marian tell deputy she not want wait anymore around for chief she visit aunt mabels diner for buy lunch. marian glance at menu & think  oh why not go ahead. it time of celebration. so she order favorite lunch of red bean + rice & deep fry oyster po boy sandwich. while marian peck away at food she put in alphabet order with space pen list from laptop of chief.

then she count name on list & say hmm there 8 on list &  8 = only positive fibonacci number what = perfect cube. then she remember & say other than 1. marian next make study of list & stare at first name on top of mans & ladies what ever say something to police about marian. rosy bourgeois she say in whisper what drip with poison. marian search in cabinet of mind until she find file of rosy bourgeois. she close both eye & start read file. she not really read file. that just way of say she remember thing about rosy bourgeois. marian chew on oyster chunk & take sip from praline cream soda bottle. little rosy bourgeois she think. she tough little monkey when little girl so probably tough big monkey now. she smart too so it not easy job for put 1 over on rosy. best way probably for take care of rosy = quick & head on attack when she by self without defense in pajama at night & not near kitchen where maybe she grab up chef knife or near closet where maybe there handy golf club.

all afternoon at library marian put act on of = tame librarian what not scare even little mouse creature. but if mans or ladies look inside brain of marian there only dark thought of unpleasant scary stuff. monkey say reader use imagination for make own idea of secret thought in brain of marian what probably 100 % more disturbing than what monkey come up with. when not busy marian go online & check for see if rosy bourgeois still in town or if she marry or etc what maybe make complication for marian. oh marian you 1 lucky little girl say marian inside brain. but it not so lucky for rosy who still live alone in roobaville in little apartment over gun club shooting range where always there loud noise.

about 1/2 hour more than 4 on clock marian go into bathroom of ladies & look in mirror. there stare back at her someone what no one in roobaville ever know = marian. plastic surgeon in mexico do super duper job think marian and pat cheek with admiration of skill of doctor.

marian freshen up and then go out from bathroom & start shoo away 2 old man what doze with chin on chest & many hair grow in ear & magazine on lap. then she tell lady what gobble loud into cellphone like obnoxious turkey behind rack of movie dvd even when there no cellphone rule in library it time for close library almost. marian have pleasant thought of grab lady by back of head & shove cellphone down throat but think only perhaps another day you blabby cow. soon nothing move in library only just marian & dust sprinkle what dance like little cloud of gnat fly in beam of sunlight what come in window.

marian go in office & open tote bag with picture of turtle & word dont hide in your shell read a book today. she laugh & say today rosy see marian come out of shell all right. into tote bag she throw purse & us marine raider stiletto knife she steal at gun show in great state texas 5 year ago & save for rainy day like today. it not really rain today. that just mean she save stiletto for day when she really need it.

at 5 on clock marian lock library & skip down step to street & whistle little happy tune hi ho hi ho it off to work we go between attractive gap in teeth. she spend time walk around little shop of roobaville & have dinner at popeyes until twilight start. then she set off for apartment of rosy bourgeois. when she get near she look around for see if any one look at her & then she pull on pair of vinyl glove & climb up step to door.

rosy bourgeois hear knock & look through peephole & see nice looking lady with nice clothes and nice smile with hand behind back holding big tote. she not have sensing of danger so she close up robe over pajama & open door & say with pleasantness what i do for you.

do for me ask marian with little smile twitch at corner of mouth. why nothing. you already do something & now it time for you get reward.

thick eyebrow of rosy bourgeois go up in surprise like two cat arch back on forehead. i not understand say rosy with puzzlement.

you will say marian. she push rosy back into apartment & jump in next & slam shut door.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader have good imagination what help monkey when it create picture in head of reader instead of monkey have to spell everything out. Man say it best not stick in story excruciating minutiae what clog up flow of story & have no point other than fill up page with annoying detail.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.