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monkey forget tell reader that monkey write here fiction & mans & ladies in story not = real like Man & reader & monkey. monkey make up place except maybe like piggly wiggly & great state louisiana & if story look like real story of real people that just accident. now monkey cover fanny & here come part 9  of mystery story.

many murder happen in little town
part 9 marian make discovery what arrange path of future

forking path of future take many turn in life of mans & ladies. 1 little thing what maybe look like nothing on a today like swat spider or not swat spider maybe make life fork hard later. or maybe not fork. no one ever know what forking thing happen next because future not have visibility of realness & life = just 1 forking thing after another.

when marian start rummage hard drive of laptop of roobaville police she make hard forking discovery. that sentence sound little bit weird when monkey write it but Man like it so monkey decide leave it in story. real name of marian show reference to many disturbance in peacefulness of roobaville before 10 year ago when she disappear from eyeball of everyone.

marian find data about connection of marian to beehive & nasty yappy neighbor dog & tragic accident of harley funderburke & etc. police have suspicion of beehive not blow down on ground in storm & little dog not run over by accident by own backing up car of neighbor & not accidentalness of fall of harley funderburke into quarry where he croak from brain leak out from bang head on rock. & etc.

marian suck in breath in reverse hiss between teeth. two little line make dent between eyebrow & she think maybe i not have so clever evilness as i think. but then dent melt away like butter in fry pan & have replacement with little smirky smile. then i = not so clever & have just good luck of beginner. but now i make own luck with smartness + experience.

marian make list in moleskine notebook with space pen what she buy on amazon & always carry in purse. all mans & ladies what ever say something to police about little marian long ago she write on list. later marian think i put list in order of alphabet. marian love order & neatness & system. that why she call chief little piggy later in episode down there.

marian quick stick in usb key & run app thing what wipe away like powerful lava soap all file about marian without leave trace in memory & registry. she wipe laptop off all over with bleach wipe she bring in little purse so there no little piece of marian for evidence on machine. she almost forget log out but she notice she almost forget log out & so then log out. finally she make sure laptop sit where chief leave it right by 1/2 full cup of cold coffee & cookie crumb. little piggy never know what happen here she think.

marian look at clock & see it 24 minute later from noon. 24 = nice harshad number she think because marian 1 time audit university number theory class when still in high school. Man think this far fetched & not necessary detail for put in story but monkey say it show marian have athletic mind what analyze thing so it stay in story. marian click tongue and say under breath well it time for get busy.

goodbye today reader. Man say episode # 9 not = best effort of monkey & it have sign of laziness & just squeeze out word for sake of squeeze out word. Man say too he hope estate of jorge luis borges not sue monkey. monkey not know what mean that & monkey hope reader stick with story & find out what clever & smart marian do with list. first before maybe monkey make presentment of picture & story of trip to cottage on lake next.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.