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part 7 of experiment of monkey write mystery story = not much interesting. so monkey today skip right to part 8. but 1st monkey tell fast what happen in part 7 so reader not have confusedness. marian get friendly with chief mason mouton by on purpose bump into him in church where temp worker fill in until new priest get put in job by bishop. marian & mason have chat & chief like nice bum & shapely leg of marian & other something happen & pretty soon marian have chief twirl around little finger. now here come part 8.

many murder happen in little town

part 8 = marian peek at file 0n computer of police chief mouton

chief mouton crack up at joke marian just tell & say you not just pretty face but you have funniness too. i never hear huge orange head joke before. chief laugh little bit more & then stretch arm and leg & put on uniform & say it time pretty soon for go work & close book on vanishing of father pecquerie & maggie belette.

marian laugh too but only inside head so chief not hear. she say good luck big boy but she think marian already close that book.

how about i meet you for fried chicken lunch at popeyes she say.

well now honey that just what i about fixin to ask you. monkey not say who say this because it obvious.

i come meet you at station when it 12 on clock & we walk over popeyes together. how that sound mr big boy policeman marian say.

that sound ok with me little miss librarian say chief mouton.

now morning hour fly away like flock of duck & marian leave library when it little bit before noon time. she walk to near police station & hide behind bush & take out 1 burner cell phone of many what she buy long ago and save for later & call chief mouton & make voice sound deep & scratchy & say i want make anonymous tip. you go next parish to cottonville & look behind dumpster by piggly wiggly store if you want find father pecquerie.

chief mouton say yall just hold on now. there reward for find father pecquerie & maggie belette. tell me name and i

but marian hang up & crouch in bush for wait for chief mouton leave building. soon out come chief & he dash in police car & drive away for piggly wiggly. marian smile and say time for marian do little digging.

marian leave bush & cross street and go in station. there only 1 deputy in little town of roobaville & marian say i here for meet chief for lunch.

eye of deputy roam over curvy body of marian & he say chief just leave but you can wait in office of chief if you want. chief say he come back in maybe 1 hour.

well that just what i do kind sir marian say & give deputy flirty smile with dimple in cheek.

in office of chief mouton marian close door & go right to laptop on desk. it already open but there screen with box for stick in password. damn think marian. now i need guess what = password of chief.

marian first try password & then password1 & then 1234567890 & then qwerty & then 123abc. shoot think marian. chief pretty stupid but not 100 % so stupid as he look.

then come inspiration in brain of marian like huge flash of 10 megaton hydrogen bomb. she quick type in box 1st letter of 1st line of little tune what chief mouton always whistle and annoy marian oh i wish i was in the land of cotton. that not work so marian type same thing again & add 1st letter of 2nd line old times there are not forgotten. bingo whisper marian quiet so deputy not hear. in not even 1 minute more marian browse through record of roobaville police.

first thing she type in = new name what she go under marian lilavois. with relief she exhale from nostril when nothing pop up. then she type in name what she born with. & marian make frown like fist in middle of face about what she find when she start check many cross reference in database of police.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope mystery story have good arc & reader not notice any inconsistent stuff & reader still want come back for find out what happen next. maybe reader make good guess. but maybe monkey surprise reader too. but reader have to wait because Man & Lady take monkey for go canoe someplace where friend have cabin for 2 day.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.