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here continue mystery story of marian today. monkey have 100 % hard time write episode 6 today. why. here why. monkey start obsess little bit about formula of story & that make idea not flow like sprinkle from shower head onto screen of laptop. there duck in story because duck = favorite bird of monkey.

many murder happen in little town

part 6 marian have storm in brain

next day in early morning before work marian sit in thought of deepness on bench in park on magnolia street. she sip up takeout coffee & gnaw up little piece peanut doughnut what she get at aunt mabels diner near general braxton bragg memorial park.

little breeze blow wisp of hair over forehead place of marian & cool off painted toe of marian what stick out from open toe espadrille. 2 duck walk by bench & marian throw on ground piece of doughnut what duck gobble up. that enough of context detail now.

priest & housekeeper put me in puzzle think marian not out loud. they not make any problem more but now i need do detective work of find out who maybe now threat to new life i want start. it big jigsaw what i need put together. marian shoo fly away from crumb of doughnut in lap. now where i start she say to self.

all morning in library marian do job what monkey already describe in other episode. Man say it not good idea for monkey break 4th wall of story up there but monkey say it story of monkey & monkey do what he like so stop interrupt writing of monkey. so marian work until it 12 on clock & then have time for eat lunch of sandwich & apple what she eat every day because marian = creature of habit. like every day when she eat peanut doughnut by park & feed duck. how i discover who know dark secret of marian she think. again of a sudden light of knowing shine through dark windmills of mind. i go make friends with police chief mason mouton & get idea what on radar screen of roobaville.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope episode 7 go better from simple brain of monkey into blog post. Man say not worry małą małpką because monkey not have any literary reputation to maintain. monkey not sure what mean that but it make monkey feel better. maybe reader wonder what mean małą małpką. it name what Man call monkey some time & it mean little monkey in language of foreignness.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.