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today reader find out what happen when marian have meeting with father pecquerie in next part of mystery short story.

many murder happen in little town
part 5 mrs belette spill bean

marian laugh what make father pecquerie shiver like when some one of a sudden see spider run across shirt. she pat tote bag & say go ahead guess what in here.

quiver voice of father pecquerie say i not want know anything about what you do since many year ago when you make confession for get forgiveness of sin.

marian say with sarcasticness oh goodness me father. 1st you look like you not glad for see marian today & now you act like you not want help poor lost lamb of flock of our lady of perpetual torment. you not very good man of cloth.

father pecquerie say i doubt you sincere about come for counsel. i think you come for make big trouble.

marian make face like she smell something bad on top lip. big trouble she say. i dont make big trouble. there already big trouble & you right in middle.

i not know what you mean. there nothing i do what make trouble with you. last time we meet i tell you seal of confession apply to what you tell me & tell you go away & never come back.

marian stab father pecquerie in face with sharp look. then she take football out from tote bag & hold it so father pecquerie see writing on it. then she flap old headline at father pecquerie. what you know about this she say with demandment. here what i think. i think you open up seal of confession & giant bazoo & blab out what i tell you. or maybe you make it your business for bring marian into judgment by self.

why i do that after many year go by father pecquerie ask. that not make sense.

well nothing you do make sense marian laugh. all you do = tell fairytale. & stuff large self with cooking of old biddy housekeeper. marian open up purse & grab revolver & aim at father pecquerie. listen now porky because it time for now you make confession to little marian. who you tell about thing what i confess in confession box in secret.

sweat come on face of father pecquerie like drop of water on cold pipe in basement on muggy day. 2nd chin of father pecquerie start jiggle like 1 cheek of fanny of overweight man on treadmill in gym. it look like he start cry but marian yell loud at him.

stop that right at once now she holler. crying not help you because marian have no pity and mercy for someone what cross her & get anger going. you straighten up panties now & start with tell true story to marian. or else. marian aim gun at middle of forehead of priest & make little pop noise with mouth.

father pecquerie make little choke sound in throat & wipe top of face over eye with hankie he pull out from pants. ok ok. i tell you what i know. first you promise not shoot when i done.

see there you go not make sense again say marian. i suppose now you tell marian she go hell if she shoot. marian make laugh what sound like seal bark. that silly story not work any more. now start talk.

father pecquerie open mouth for beg for life when door open & maggie come in room. stop she say. father pecquerie not know any thing about football & newspaper thing. i do it.

marian make gun point at maggie & say get narrow ass of your self over there by priest.

maggie know marian mean business so she put self on side of priest & open mouth for speak but marian tell her shut up. now you both listen say marian. i give dry up old cat here 1 chance for tell truth. then we see what happen.

maggie give marian poison eye look & start talk. many year ago i on other side of confession box across father pecquerie from you when you tell father about beehive & little neighbor dog & harley funderburke & other evil thing you do. i have so great shock that when father give penance & forgiveness i run out before you see me. it time of happiness when you leave town for 10 year but when you come back & get job at library i start have thought about what new evil you bring to roobaville. no one else seem recognize new librarian marian but i first know right away from little birthmark thing what you have behind right ear what i see when i behind you in line at penn dixie. i run with grocery & tell father you come back with new name. i bet you not even real librarian you little devil spawn.

you have correctness there old trout say marian. i not real librarian. i come back for hide where i begin life again with new name & fake document. you think what you hear in confession bad. boy howdy that not come even close on what i been up to in last 10 year. now why you want do something stupid like hit hornet nest with broom handle & stir up marian with letter & football.

i try scare you away say maggie. i get football & write letter & etc. i sneak in library when you not look & put stuff on desk & shelf there.

well that not work out good. marian smirk & say now old cow who else you tell about adventure of little marian many year ago. who else you tell that marian come back in town.

maggie make think face. i not remember that far ago who i tell. she say. but i too scared for tell anyone marian come back to roobaville except father pecquerie.

marian say i think maybe you lie to save own skinny rump & butterball priest there.

father pecquerie enter dialogue & say mrs belette & i make promise for never say anything more about marian if marian please show mercy.

marian just make snort noise of not believing & say it too bad you recognize marian & then go annoy marian with football etc. now you find out it never good idea for annoy marian like nasty little dog & nasty big harley funderburke find out. i think it time we go for little walk now.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope monkey not write self into corner but monkey pretty sure what come next.

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