here come next piece of murder mystery story in roobaville in great state louisiana. louisiana not really great state. that just something imbecile politician say. now monkey shut bazoo and make presentment of part 4.

many murder happen in little town

part 4 marian go for spiritual counseling

marian have evilness but not stupidness. she hop down step of library & walk along jackson street like every day after work. already she hide trash bag with accusing football & purse in big library tote bag what library give anyone what make $ 25 donation for buy new book. there many tote bag in office because roobaville = poor town & just few mans & ladies & littles like read in roobaville. on library bag of  marian one side say reading feeds the imagination. on other side it say whats inside your book. marian like 2 slogan. she think today someone find out how much imagination marian have & what inside book of marian all right.

with tote bag she turn corner of street & go on pine street just like every night. but when she get near corner pine & magnolia she quick like fast housefly zip away from street & run through alley to backdoor of church house where live priest father pecquerie & old housekeeper maggie belette.

marian stand thoughtful on step of back porch of father pecquerie & then make little smile 1 time more. she knock on door. old maggie open door & look with surprise & frown on face. here come dialogue  now.

well well if it isnt little miss librarian say maggie with curl in lip. why you come here.

found your eye glasses i see say marian. 1 time of many year before when marian visit church she hide glasses of maggie in back of mary queen of martyrs statue because marian not like maggie who = big gossip.

what make you think they ever lost ask maggie with suspiciousness.

marian just smile little smile & ask if father pecquerie around. maggie say why you want talk with father pecquerie. last time you talk in confession box many year ago father pecquerie 100 % upset for 1 whole week.

so you know who i am. well it none of business of you say marian. now go tell father pecquerie marian here & need spiritual counseling.

maggie make snort noise in nose & frown face again. spiritual counseling she say like she bite on bad peanut.

that right. now go get father pecquerie. or maybe you want me come in for see whatever he do when there no one around looking.

maggie curl up finger & make fist of anger & look like she want smack marian but marian laugh and say go ahead old bag & just see what happen next.

maggie press lip together & put down fist. wait here creature of devil she hiss like angry cat & little bit spit come on lip & then she go in house for find father pecquerie.

soon father pecquerie come to door by self with worry on face like thick oil paint. he say i thought we agree you not come here again after i make for you penance for sin & you have forgiveness of wickedness.

well that when i still believe tiny bit that that make any sense many year ago when i 13 year old answer marian.

what you want from me ask father pecquerie with voice what shake with alarm & with little twitch thing going on in cheek. mrs belette say you need spiritual counseling.

why not you say come in marian & we have nice talk & mrs belette make nice cup coffee marian say with pretend innocentness. maybe we discuss what go on under that little hat with pompom you wear.

father pecquerie look with nervousness around back yard & down alley and grab marian by elbow & say for sake of god you not talk so loud like that. come in.

marian say why thank you father. that very kind of you for make invitation.

soon marian sit on couch in study room of father pecquerie with nice cup coffee on one side & library tote on other side. father pecquerie pick at sleeve in jumpiness & wait for marian say something. but marian just sip coffee & stare at priest.

finally marain say dont you think it good idea for you tell old bat out there stop listening at door. priest get up & open door & there stand mrs belette with surprise on face. everything ok here so go make nice treat for marian & me now & i ring bell for you when we ready he say. she have doubt on face but obey priest.

that better say marian when priest sit again. maybe you wonder why i come visit after so many year.

father pecquerie nod head yes he wonder. marian laugh & say maybe we see what in tote bag here & that help make wondering go away & memory more fresh.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader want find out what happen next in part 5. that happen when simple brain of monkey invent what happen next. maybe tomorrow. monkey pretty sure brain know where story go next.

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