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today it time for part 3 of mystery story many murder happen in little town. monkey not talk now & here story.

many murder happen in little town part 3

it take maybe 8 second for marian stop scream. under cloth there not cabbage & not volleyball. there not head like reader maybe think. it football there & on football there writing in black marker pen & little piece newspaper what make marian scream. word on football say hi marian. remember me. under word there piece of newspaper stuck on football with tape what say star quarterback harley funderburke dies in tragic accident.

marian stand there still like tree on not windy day for few second more & then see there piece paper under football. she move football & pick up paper & stare at paper for little bit. and then marian scream again. paper have word and i know about the collection box & the beehive & some other thing like what happen to little barking pest dog of other neighbor. marian drop paper and it flutter down on floor like wounded duck & look up at marian with accusation.

marian gulp air & calm down & start think. first she run back to office & get trash bag & run back to murder aisle & stuff football & piece paper in bag & then run back to office & hide bag under desk. then she sit down for get self under control & think thank god i not call police. clock start strike and it time for open library.

all day marian pretend & act like nice library lady. she answer many question with politeness & sort return book & walk around with little cart. two time she have to go down murder aisle for reshelf book & check with nervousness there for make sure nobody put any more thing there what hint marian = evil creature with secret under nice bum & pretty leg & politeness.

long day stretch out until 5 on clock and it time for marian close up library. all day she worry who maybe write on football & who make letter to her. she grab bag with ball & go outside & lock door of library & stand at top of step & wonder if maybe somebody hide & spy at her from far distance for see what she do now. maybe out in bush on other side of street someone watch with mean eye for enjoy distress in marian.

of a sudden on top of step marian have idea shine like bulb of electric light in brain. marian think i bet i know who write poison word on football & clip newspaper & magazine. she smile little smile & pet bulge of revolver in purse & walk calm with purpose in direction of our lady of perpetual torment church on corner of magnolia & general beauregard street.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope suspense build in brain of reader. it build in simple brain of monkey too because monkey not know what happen next yet. pretty monkey figure it out and then there come part 4.

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