here come now part 2 of mystery story what monkey write in serialness.

many murder happen in little town part 2

marian hold revolver hard in fist & pull back with loud click hammer thing on gun what she learn how do in movie she watch 1 time. it dim in library because she forget put on light when she come in so it possible maybe serial killer or psychopath monster have darkness for hide in & wait where she go.

slow in darkness marian put eye around shelf & look down murder mystery aisle where letter next to coffee machine tell her go. nothing move in aisle. then marian quick look down other near aisle for see if anyone wait there for do bad thing. marian see nothing & think maybe it better idea for run away & call 911 police & not = stupid and go down aisle in darkness. but marian = curious like cat in old saying & little voice in head of marian say go ahead you know you want to. that voice make marian do other stupid secret thing many time before like when she steal money in collection box in church & when she tip over beehive in backyard of neighbor & when she push high school star quarterback bully off cliff into quarry where he crack head on rock & die and everyone think it tragic accident & when etc. why i do thing like that marian wonder while she creep in aisle of darkness. why i creep down aisle in darkness she ask self and think too im not what mans & ladies think im.

down dark aisle marian move with little step. she hold breath in chest so just little bit air go in and out nose & she try not make any noise. still no killer or monster jump on pretty librarian with legs of nice shape & nice bum & secret self.

just before end of aisle come marian see odd something on shelf what bulge up under piece of cloth like cabbage or volleyball. someone stick it between k is for killer and l is for lawless by prolific mystery author sue grafton. marian have thought why someone want play scary joke on me with probably just cabbage or volleyball under cloth there. she scratch head with hand without gun for show not understand why anyone want do horrible thing like that.

fingers of marian then reach out for edge of cloth what hang down from shelf & pull off cloth. marian stare at what she see & jaw open & close but no word come out. and then dark air of library have big hole in it what made by scream of marian.

that end of part 2 of mystery story by monkey.

soon come part 3 when monkey figure out what happen next. Man make suggestment to monkey maybe it = better idea for plan out whole story 1st. but monkey have different way of make fiction what = make it up while go along.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader like new project of monkey & come back for next part when reader find out what under cloth. monkey know what reader think under there but it not that.

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