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today monkey show list of 21 moral imbecile robopath what stink up senate & # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave. maybe reader wonder why monkey call 21 senator moral imbecile. here why. all vote against amendment yesterday what make it more hard for moral imbecile future president of team u$a let other moral imbecile torture prisoner.

here list of moral imbecile senator

jeff sessions of great state alabama,
tom cotton of great state arkansas
michael crapo of great state idaho
james risch of great state idaho
daniel coats of great state indiana
joni ernst of great state iowa
pat roberts of great state kansas
mitch mcconnell of great state kentucky who = majority leader of majority of moral imbecile in senate
david vitter of great state louisiana
thad cochran of great state mississippi
roy blunt of great state missouri
deb fischer of great state nebraska
benjamin sasse of great state nebraska
jim inhofe of great state oklahoma,
james lankford of great state oklahoma
lindsey graham of great state south carolina who want = next mr president of team u$a
tim scott of great state south carolina
john cornyn of great state texas
orrin hatch of great state utah
mike lee of great state utah
john barrasso of great state wyoming

monkey see that republicrap coward marco rubio not vote & monkey see all 44 democrap in senate vote against torture.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope if reader come from great state what elect moral imbecile to congress of team u$a then reader work hard for keep imbecile from return to power next time imbecile up for reelection.

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