today monkey make presentment of mystery short story what not have star of jason & melissa of other 2 story what monkey already write here. new character come in new story. why. here why. monkey try expand creativeness in new kind of story.

here story part 1 now. it have title of many murder happen in little town.

many murder happen in little town

upon a time once ago there little town roobaville in great state louisiana what = state what have most high murder rate in team u$a & most high rate of murder by gun. life expectancy number = 1 of lowest in team u$a. it good state for murder mystery story. that why it = setting thing of story here.

in little town roobaville of story nothing happen much ever. mans & ladies carry gun weapon in open loaded & ready for action. kiddie go school & not learn evil of evolution. everybody go church on sunday & shop in winn dixie store & everybody nice to neighbor. it very happy place. until 1 day.

it day of hotness & humidity. that mean if feel like walk around in shower stall with hot water blast on face. librarian marian malveaux wade along street & go up step to library door & grab around in purse for find key. marian find paper clip & revolver & old gum wrapper & finally key what she use for open door.

hot stale air hit marian in face when she go in library. air of library always knock life out of mans & ladies & littles what go in there on hot day. into bathroom she go first for put on lipstick & etc what she forget do when get up after not sleep last night because she worry about letter what say she in for big surprise today. at work.

marian wonder what = big surprise. it probably not good because word in letter come from newspaper & magazine what someone clip out so no one identify handwriting later in story.

marian finish get makeup on & go sit at desk in office. she make nervous tap on desk with perfect nail & get up next for make coffee. then little squeak of surprise come out from lip of marian. there next by coffee machine = 1 more letter what someone make with cut out word. here what letter say. good morning marian. i hope you already have nice day because it not nice any more in couple of minute. no time for coffee now. go now & look on bookshelf what have murder book on it. how letter get there wonder marian. it not there last night when she close library. & no one else have key.

marian shake little bit with fear & feel like need go bathroom & wonder what wait on bookshelf of murder book. she take revolver out of purse & walk slow to fiction.

this end of part 1 of mystery story from monkey. Man tell monkey it = great mystery why monkey bother write fiction at all but monkey not care. later soon monkey write more part.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader want come back for many murder happen in little town part 2. monkey already have good idea for what on shelf.

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