wow. today Man let monkey tell blogger it ok for make comment on story. there little red link down there what say leave a comment at end of post of today. no death threat please. no hate please. thank you blogger.

little while ago monkey write short story what have name story of adventure of jason and melissa in wildness. monkey write story for show Man how it easy for write short story.

only 1 nice blogger here like story. Man say it a good thing mental well being of monkey not depend on popular acclaim.

today monkey write 1 more short story for 2 reason. reason # 1 = monkey have fun when tell story. reason # 2 = monkey have curiousness for see if this time maybe 2 blogger like great writing effort of simple brain of monkey.

monkey do research on www dot internet dot com & here story what monkey write what use some rule for literature of today. jason & melissa = again big character. now here story. it = prequel.

story of bewilderment of jason & melissa in world of nowness

once in a time of today there medium big monkey jason & more little monkey melissa. this story happen before adventure in wildness with dinosaur & cowboy rudy & alien from world of otherness & when come 2 baby donald & piper & etc. and insect what eat crop. and cat what have name louis.

jason & melissa sit on park bench & talk while pigeon bird walk around in randomness & peck at crap on sidewalk in little sprinkle of rain.

jason say i wonder who win national book critics circle award this next year.

melissa say who care. life = not word on page so it not matter. any prize for write = postiche.

jason scratch head for show bewilderment. then jason ask melissa how come church & science not explain everything like what = meaning of life & where everything come from & what = reality.

melissa say it beat me and say jason stop scratching head because it look like you have ringworm.

then jason & melissa drive in 1984 pontiac phoenix to starbuck coffee place for play with smartphone for while & drink caramel frappucchino & eat reduced fat turkey bacon sandwich before go look for vintage sunbeam chrome toaster & 5 dollar pants at goodwill store.

soon jason & melissa not find toaster or pants & have boredom with life of vacuumness & go home in apartment in building what one time = windshield wiper factory. jason fix scratch in phoenix door with touch up paint & melissa look on shelf for book by jacques derrida but instead find copy of harlequin romance the taming of nurse conway & say to jason i now go laugh about culturally defined boundary between mans & ladies in this book.

jason make shrug & say knock yourself out. i now go watch rerun of golden girls on televisionon. then i put on apron & make dinner of blistered shishito pepper & hay smoked confit duck wings for eat with 1991 dominus wine. for dessert there pabst blue ribbon & cheez doodle.

melissa sigh and think oh god has life become so lame that the biggest thrill i get any more is from jasons cooking. god i hate him. am i just too lazy to leave. am i just a walking sack of habits.

after dinner jason wander around apartment. he take down from shelf coffee can what full of old marble he play with when he = little boy. he shake can and listen to rattle of marble. he put can back on shelf & go brush teeth.

melissa sit on couch with macbook & watch jason wander around apartment & find can full of marble & shake can & then disappear behind door of bathroom. she hear jason brush teeth & spit in sink & hum little tuneless tune & sigh. she yawn & scratch armpit & go pitchfork dot com for find out what music listen to.

jason have hard time sleep & jason sweat & twitch in bed and wonder what happen when trust fund run out & why father croak without ever say im proud of you jason. melissa pretend to sleep so not have to talk anymore that day with jason. but in brain of melissa there many thought go all over of why she drop out of mfa program & why stool with 3 leg more stable than stool with 4 leg & if she = just sack of habit.

jason when finally fall asleep have dream this night about migrate to wildness place & build fort & leave stupid postmodern world & stop obsess about self & knock off ironic bullshit. author monkey think this good idea too so in next story about jason & melissa what monkey already write dream of jason come true. the end.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader see how 100 % hard simple brain of monkey work at write contemporary fiction what not old fashioned. monkey want thank Man for help monkey little bit with vocabulary today like with word postiche.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.