Man say that enough picture & story from monkey about adventure in car + trailer machine. monkey ask Man what then monkey write about now. Man make think face & say well how about tell your readers what you learned about traveling. maybe you might give some advice.

ok think monkey. that sound like good plan because monkey always try learn something every day. so monkey remember all over trip & now make little list what have lesson monkey learn from trip on road. here come list & then Man let monkey make presentment of 2 last picture.

  1. traveler get there when traveler get there. here example. if reader use mapquest or aaa & it say reader arrive in destination in 4 hour then reader safe if believe arrive in 6 hour. or more. + there always construction some where.
  2. it always good for have enough paper map & not believe 100 % what gps navigator gadget thing say what sometime = stupid or wrong. it good for have navigator like Lady too.
  3. it good idea for believe other driver = always dangerous imbecile who go through red light & not understand what yield sign mean & make horrible merge on highway & etc etc etc.
  4. 1 more good idea = not drive more than 2 hour without stop for pee. even if reader think reader not need pee trust monkey. reader need pee. and stretch.
  5. turn off all media crap distraction in car. Man & Lady & monkey not use radio or cd machine or mp3 or etc even 1 time on trip. when it quiet in car & brain not get scramble like egg with distraction it more easy for see what pass by.
  6. ask local mans & ladies where there good food & when it best time for go see attraction & not pay attention 100 % to tripadvisor or yelp or travel guide book or etc.
  7. when in cool place like acadia park it good idea for stop talk & open eye and ear for make good memory what last in brain for long time. turn off phone thing too.
  8. make many picture in camera for later enjoy. even little thing like interesting bug maybe still interesting many year later.
  9. have good flexness so rainy day not = disaster in mind. rainy day = good day for relax & chit chat & read & write & use free wifi & etc.
  10. have little phrase thing for say when thing not go super in travel. here 2 phrase thing what monkey hear Man say. # 1 = right now i’m doing ok. # 2 = things could be immeasurably worse. it really big help for have phrase for not perfect time.

now here 2 last picture monkey show from road trip adventure.


it good idea for pay attention when traveler see sign like this.


here why it good idea. moose here walk close near road. if driver hit moose it not good for moose. and car too.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader find interest in post of today & maybe use 1 or 2 advice thing on trip some day. many thing in list up there good for use in travel in life even when not travel on road.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.