while monkey camp in great state new hampshire Man & Lady take monkey on cog railway choo choo to top of great mountain washington. yes Man take many picture again but monkey put just some on blog so reader not have boredom. here picture.


here monkey sit & wait for get on train for go on top of mountain. if reader ever go on train here try get # 1 in line & sit in best seat what = first seat on left when face front & go up mountain. it seat what have 2 window in front & room for 3 human.


up & up train go on mt washington. sometime it steep like 36 degree but that not scare monkey. or Man or Lady. it fun for be in car when top of car = 14 feet more high than back. 1 lady on other side of train have fear and keep eye closed all way to top. monkey feel sorry for lady who miss many wow view from fear.


on way up there thing what have name profile rock what someone say look human. monkey think it look like xenomorph in movie alien what scare monkey 100 %.


when train get on top of mountain it high up over cloud. monkey like idea of be above cloud & not in jet airplane.


here lady talk with engineer of train. car down there show mans & ladies drive up on other side of mountain & not go on train. monkey hear that when come down mountain in car it good idea for pull off road & let brake cool off once in while.


here Man & Lady join with monkey on most high place on mountain what = 6288 feet over water of ocean. that not so up high as grand canyon where monkey go once but it feel more high in sky. because it mountain.


from top of mountain train track look like little line what go far off & sometime disappear in cloud.


Man say it like other planet on top of mountain. monkey not know what mean that because monkey never go on other planet. Man tell monkey not be obtuse & use imagination.


worst weather on earth planet happen on mountain. it get cold up there. & wind can go fast. when monkey visit it not cold & there just little breeze blow around & sun shine bright so every one can see all around 90 or 100 or more mile even.


ride back down mountain = pretty. monkey make recommendation of reader go on cog railway if reader ever visit white mountain area place in great state new hampshire. monkey like it better even than grand canyon.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy picture today & come back again for more monkey adventure story. if reader want learn more about cool cog railway & see little movie thing then click here now.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.