today monkey start make presentment of picture & story of adventure of Man & Lady & monkey when travel around in trailer machine again. maybe reader not know what = trailer machine. here picture.


here Man already back ranger trailer machine into site where it sit for 3 day in great state maine. trailer machine = little house where live Man & Lady & monkey when go travel together on road for many day. it look small for house but it have good room inside for move around. there bed + seat + table + little refrigerator + sink + little stove + air conditioner. sometime it get little bit messy inside.


monkey already visit nova scotia before & now visit place what have name you are here in picture. real name = acadia national park in great state maine. it rain for 3 day when monkey go visit there but 1 day it have sunshine & Man & Lady take monkey for ride in park on loop road.


here pretty cloud what monkey see in park. 1st Man tell monkey it look like camel. monkey say no it not camel. next then Man say it look like weasel. monkey say no it not look like weasel. then Man say it look like whale. monkey say yes that what it look like. there body and big fin thing on top. Man laugh & monkey ask why. Man say later he read to monkey line from act 3 scene 2 in hamlet play by mr william shakespeare so monkey understand joke. monkey 100 % not like when Man make joke what simple brain of monkey not understand.


this place in acadia park = thunder hole. when water come in fast just right it make big boom sound. but when monkey there water not right for thunder boom. that ok. monkey not have disappoint. monkey already learn from Man & Lady to have enjoyment of what there in front of monkey & not worry about what not there. Man tell monkey that = best way for go travel around. and best way for live.


here monkey sit in peacefulness on rock by jordan pond. it pretty water place & there nice hike trail around pond. in summer time there big crowd what come to park & it not so peaceful. that = why Man & Lady travel in time of spring & fall season.


here Lady take monkey for walk on top of cadillac mountain in park. it not very high up mountain like mount washington where monkey go later on trip. but it have good view of ocean water. some island back there = porcupine island because of tree of pine what stick up on them. monkey enjoy how cloud roll over island in prettiness.

Man take many more picture in park but monkey not want bore reader so monkey pick just few ones that monkey like best.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader come back for more story & picture next of Lady eat lobster creature.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.