monkey pretty sure reader maybe want know if monkey still alive so far on vacation. later monkey give more big report with nice picture & story. but now monkey just make little update so reader not worry.

  • monkey not fall into chasm of angry water & drown in adirondack place.
  • monkey not get in accident in giant thunderstorm on highway road in maine.
  • monkey not fall into thunder hole in acadia park place & float out forever into ocean or fly off in strong wind on top of cadillac mountain.

so far monkey have good luck and still = alive & have fun go with Man & Lady in trailer machine many 100s miles all over.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy hear from still alive monkey.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.