pretty soon come summer again with warmth & lazy haze of craziness. 1 thing Man & monkey like do in summer = go on porch & read with leisureness. already Man & monkey have reading list for summer. probably Man add more book later but here list so far today.

  • the discoverers by mr daniel boorstin. it about what happen when human creature use brain for find out thing & not stay ignorant. it giant book what maybe it take all summer for read.
  • tintin book by mr herge. tintin = young reporter what go on many adventure. Man already read many tintin adventure book but say it time for read 5 or 6 again for fun.
  • the age of american unreason by ms susan jacoby. book show what happen when mans & ladies stop use reason & intelligence & instead on purpose put brain on autopilot of blind unenlightenment.
  • go set a watchman by miss harper lee. Man love to kill a mockingbird book & hope big hype + hoopla about new book by miss lee not lead to letdown when it go for sale in month of july. monkey hope so too.
  • a universe from nothing: why there is something rather than nothing by mr lawrence krauss. monkey have great excitement for read book what hero of Man & monkey mr neil degrasse tyson like. maybe monkey even find out more about how life + universe + everything get here.
  • the world beyond your head by mr matthew crawford. Man think mans & ladies & littles in 1st world lost in big hallucination of distracting consumerist gadget crap. Man say it good idea for Man & monkey read the world beyond your head for maybe find antidote.
  • journey to the ants: a story of scientific exploration by mr bert holldobler & mister edward wilson. monkey suspect that ant creature = more than simple little machine & now want find out more about amazing insect. Man know not much about ant & agree it time for find out more.
  • the code of the woosters by mr p g wodehouse. Man read other wooster & jeeves stories but never this 1. so he say it about time & monkey in for treat of great plot & comedy. and character.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader too already have summer list of reading. but if reader want borrow idea from list up there that okey dokey with monkey.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.