monkey of a sudden again realize Man one time long ago = little boy. monkey ask Man what he do when little long ago.

Man make think face & then tell monkey mostly he go school & play & do chore & read book & comic & see televisionon & ride bike & etc etc etc.

monkey say Man sound like busy little boy & Man laugh & say monkey correct. monkey wonder what = favorite toy of Man long ago. Man scratch head & think little bit & make sigh sound. Man tell monkey there many toy he play with but some come into mind fast. there 11 favorite toy what Man tell monkey today & monkey make list not in order of anything.

# 1 = 14 toy soldier what come in cereal box. Man get all 14 and play inside & outside with army mans. Man & brothers & neighbor kids make fort outside with dirt & rock and dig trench for soldier & have battle. Man have only 2 soldier left from when kid. other soldier lost some where in yard where Man grow up.


#2 = captain video playset what have human & alien creature & etc. it = xmas present from cousin & Man play many hour with cool space port. Man have only 1 alien creature left & all rest of space port lost forever. unless maybe 1 brother or other have some piece.


# 3 & 4 = lincoln log & tinker toy. Man spend many hour build windmill & fort & cabin & etc with many piece of lincoln log & tinker toy.

lincolnlogs1 tinkertoy1

# 5 = cool thunder burp gun. Man & brothers & neighbor kids like go in woods & roast corn and potato & build tree house and tarzan swing & play army & etc. thunder burp gun = what Man use when pretend he = army man & fight enemy in woods.

thunderburp1# 6 = gilbert microscope what Man get for birthday one year. it part of whole set what have slide & specimen for look at like fly wing & shrimp egg for hatch. here microscope from kit.


# 7 & 8 = clue or monopoly game what Man & brothers & neighbor kids play all day on porch when it rain & thunder all over & it bad time for jump on bike & ride to park for play baseball or basketball or horseshoes or go down slide or in wading pool & etc.



# 9 croquet set. when tired of play in park or with board game then kids play big croquet tournament in back yard. sometime croquet tournament go on for 1 week with many kids play from even other neighborhood.

croquetset1# 10 erector set. Man not remember what set he have but it have many part & Man build many thing with it. it all gone someplace where Man not know. maybe it go to little cousin when Man grow up more.


# 11 = marbles. Man love play marbles & know many game. Man still have many marble what he have when he little boy. sometime even still today Man like take look at favorite marbles.


goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader have many cool toy what nice to have in memory.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.