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monkey want run clean campaign while on path to house of whiteness & monkey not want throw mud & dirt on politician creature from republicrap & democrap party.

but simple brain of monkey not = fool & know pretty soon campaign machine of other candidate start fling poop at monkey. so today monkey & campaign manager Man make presentment of approved top 30 word & phrase for reader & fan & supporter of monkey use for fling back poop at enemy candidate. here list.

  1. pants-on-fire liar
  2. moneybags a$$ ki$$er
  3. smooth-talking phony
  4. flagrant eejit
  5. corporate meat puppet
  6. corporate wh*#e
  7. lobbyist wind instrument
  8. wack-a-doodle know-nothing
  9. slick chiseler
  10. cowardly invertebrate
  11. hee-hawing halfwit
  12. sanctimonious a$$hat
  13. bigoted dirtbag
  14. bible-thumpin’ hypocrite
  15. lying sack of sh!%
  16. never-served chickenhawk warmonger
  17. narcissistic control freak
  18. greedy bast@^d
  19. off-the-rack slimebag
  20. big crybaby
  21. socialist or communist or fascist stooge
  22. ignorant blowhard
  23. soulless robopath
  24. brainwashed ideologue
  25. myopic bonehead
  26. self-absorbed d!@kwad
  27. braying simpleton
  28. moral imbecile
  29. out-of-touch elitist
  30. sleazy little f*^k weasel (this = favorite of monkey)

monkey pretty sure that intelligent reader 100 % able for come up with own word & phrase for republicrap & democrap politician creature what gear up for 2016 slimefest. but monkey say it ok for borrow from list up there if need to.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope no one throw poop at monkey while monkey campaign for = mr president # 45 of # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave. why. here why. # 1 = it not polite for fling poop & # 2= monkey not want lower self to level of politician creature. but monkey ready for take glove off.

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