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danger will robinson say Man. oh oh monkey think & have great fear alien monster finally start invasion or maybe serial killer try break down door or etc. Man say not this time. Man say there danger to constitution of # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave from 84 year old robopath republican wackadoodle from great state texas who have delusion he = taliban mullah.

Man say look here monkey at story in colorado springs independent. Man say sam johnson r-tex try rip up establishment clause in amendment # 1. monkey scratch head for show not understand & ask Man explain please.

Man say sam johnson r-tex make bill what have name Preserve and Protect God in Military Oaths Act of 2015. here what sam johnson r-tex say in own word.

“Let me be clear: Americans have the freedom of religion – but not freedom from religion”

oh oh think monkey. that not sound right. then sam johnson r-tex too say

“The moral foundation of our country is in serious danger if we allow radical groups to dictate whether or not we can freely express our religious beliefs!”

simple brain of monkey have astoundment at what sam johnson r-tex say. monkey not genius but even monkey see sam johnson r-tex = member of radical group what want force mans & ladies for express religious belief what sam johnson have.

monkey want ask sam johnson r-tex if amendment # 1 let government force mans & ladies & littles to express religious belief what sam johnson r-tex have. but monkey not have chance. why. here why. on page of sam johnson r-tex it say

I am very interested in hearing your views on all matters of importance. Due to the large volume of U.S. Mail, email, and faxes I receive, I am only able to accept messages from residents of the 3rd Congressional District of Texas. Congressional courtesy dictates that Representatives be given the opportunity to assist their own constituents.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader not live in place what hatch robopath politician like televangelist ted cruz & mullah sam johnson & # 1 dumbest congressman on team u$a.

if reader see ad come next down there IT NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.