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monkey hear news that honorable mr ted cruz want become mister president of # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave. monkey ask Man if junior senator of great state texas honorable mister cruz make good mister president.

Man tell monkey go see paltry resume of rafael edward ted cruz and then go see how pastor senator cruz behave yesterday at giant christian liberty “university” & make own mind up. so monkey go see. later monkey find out attendance at speech of pastor senator ted cruz = mandatory. monkey guess word liberty mean something else at liberty “university.”

wow. even simple brain of monkey see there not much substance in brain of mr ted cruz. honorable mr cruz sound like deranged bible thumping robopath tea bagger. monkey think that not make junior senator ted cruz fit for any office.

monkey then ask Man why mr honorable senator ted cruz want = mister president of team u$a..

Man wrinkle up nose like smell something what stink 100 % bad and say the honorable mr cruz is a narcissist whose chief aims in life are to tell others what to think and do and to fill the gaping holes in his wanting self, in this case though the agency of the second most repulsive of all human activities, politics.

monkey think little bit & ask Man if former secretary of state and 1st lady of team u$a mrs hillary diane rodham clinton any different. Man laugh and say on surface yes but not essentially.

monkey have 1 more question & ask Man what = # 1 most repulsive activity of human creature. Man say maybe that topic for another day.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader like public service monkey do today by present qualification of republicrap junior senator mister ted cruz for highest office in team u$a.