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monkey hear Man make 100 % bad language in room where there many book & where Man write book. monkey ask Man explain please why he make many bad swears. Man say he have block of writer & story stop dead. Man say brain feel like drainpipe with clog. monkey not know what mean that but it not sound good. Man tell monkey it not good at all.

monkey then make little mistake & tell Man it not sound hard to tell story. Man make big frown & everything on face of Man scrunch up around nose & Man say try it yourself monkey. monkey think little bit & story come fast in simple brain of monkey & monkey write story in just few minute. here story.

story of adventure of jason & melissa in wildness

there time once upon when medium big monkey what have name jason & more little monkey what have name melissa run away from prison of evil zombie witch & build fort in place of wildness far from town & other monkey & witch. it hard for live in wildness place. there many dust storm come & giant insect eat crop. sometime water hole not have water in it & there nothing for drink or make soup or take bath. there no televisionon or cell phone reception too.

once in while ufo fly over fort & jason & melissa say wow look at that. 1 time saucer land & 3 alien with big eye & giant orange head come out with friendliness and hunger & melissa say come in & have special hotdog & french fry. 3 creature love italian hot dog recipe of melissa with tomato sauce & give monkey present of pill what make monkey live forever if not have terrible accident. there no water for coffee so alien say goodbye jason & melissa & fly away to other galaxy with recipe.

pretty soon next come baby monkey what have name donald. melissa have hard time squeeze out baby donald but jason drive suv fast to town & almost get hit by train & come back with nice old doctor with glasses & mustache hair who help with boil water & get many towel. mustache of  90 year old doctor have many bristle and whiteness of color. there water in hole so jason boil more water & make coffee for doctor & then jason drive doctor home when melissa want nurse donald in rocking chair with milk.

then of a sudden one wednesday near end of story bad cowboy rudy who work for witch come with gun & tyrannosaurus dinosaur and invade fort. jason fight cowboy rudy with sword & take gun from cowboy rudy & shoot cowboy rudy & think cowboy rudy dead but cowboy rudy not dead & try smash jason with handy crowbar but melissa shoot cowboy rudy with gun what she find under sofa. next melissa hit tyrannosaurus dinosaur with frying pan on foot when dinosaur try eat donald & dinosaur run away and never come back for eat baby except once it come back & skulk around in darkness of night & make bellow noise like train whistle & scare donald & go away again when melissa come outside with frying pan and say you want some more of this.

jason & melissa & donald & 1 more new baby what have name piper live forever happy after that & get big pet kitty what look little bit like mountain lion & have name louis. and later randall the parrot escape from zoo & come live with family too. louis & randall eat alien pill & live forever too in happiness with jason & melissa & donald & piper. the end.

monkey say to Man see that not so hard. Man laugh with better mood. Man say story of monkey not win o henry prize but Man praise monkey for use paragraph thing & then Man say sometime like today so far Man not write much better than monkey. that make warmness come in heart of monkey. then Man go back in room of book & start write again.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope if reader = writer then reader writer have inspiration from monkey and do good writing today like monkey with open drainpipe.

if reader see ad come next down there it NOT FROM SOCK MONKEY. it there because Man = too 100 % cheap for pay $$$ every year for remove ad thing from blog.