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monkey listen on cnn and hear mr doctor benjamin solomon carson sr enter race for biggest bonehead award of 2015. why. here why.

monkey scratch head for show not understand how mr doctor carson live in century # 21 & still believe gay mans & gay ladies make choice for have gayness. monkey wonder if mr doctor carson remember when he make choice for = straight.

Man say it not hard for understand why mr doctor carson = ignorant. Man explain that programmer of stoopididty hack brain of mr doctor carson when he little & now mr doctor carson = too lazy & afraid to examine what he now believe. Man say it rare for mans & ladies like mr doctor carson start use reason power of brain ever to ask & answer 2 question. why do i believe this & could I be wrong.

goodbye today reader. Man tell monkey not to hold breath but monkey hope some day mans & ladies like mr doctor carson all over earth planet wake up from brainwash dream world & smell reality. Man say 1 thing monkey go ahead & bet on for sure = mr doctor ben carson start backpedaling and make excuses for self pretty soon.

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