yesterday monkey say yes it good idea for vaccinate kid.

today monkey say it 100 % good idea for protect computer machine too from many nasty danger. it take little bit effort but effort pay off when it just little bit more hard for bad guy mess with computer machine or online account or identity of reader.

next come 9 thing what = good start about how protect machine what run windows but there good advice for apple mac mans and ladies too.

number 1 = use good av program. Man use free bitdefender program ok on windows 8.1. there other good program like avg & avira & avast & etc out there too so go educate self reader.

number 2 = use great big strong password & not same password on different site. Man = 100 % cheap but still pay 12 $ every year for use lastpass password manager thing.

number 3 = make always sure use https:// when do thing like bank & shop on www dot internet dot com. Man always watch for little lock in address place in browser & Man install https everywhere extension thing in firefox browser.

number 4 = run free malwarebytes program thing for clean out nastiness what maybe already on computer machine.

number 5 = keep more safe from bad guys when use free wifi like in hotel or coffee drink place or airport or b&b or campground or etc etc etc.

number 6= turn off file sharing on computer machine.

number 7 = stay off p2p network.

number 8 = not do stupid stuff like share too much info on social site place or share password with some one else or not back up computer machine every week or not update software on machine or open all attachment on email or click on random link or etc.

number 9 = log out or lock computer machine if have to leave machine alone for little bit when not safe at home.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader vaccinate computer with good security practice in dangerous world of www dot internet dot com.

if ad come next down there it not from sock monkey. it there because Man = too cheap for pay 30 $ every year for remove ad thing from blog.