monkey see Man wear 2 ring on hand. here picture of monkey make examination of ring Man have on right hand.


monkey understand ring on hand of leftness mean Man & Lady have marriage each to the other. Man say ring on left hand = favorite jewelry thing of Man & now today = 33 year anniversary time of Man & Lady go & make marriage together. but monkey not have understanding of skull ring on right hand & ask Man explain please what mean that & what mean 2 word what go around inside band of ring.

Man say word in band = czas leci. that mean time flies in language of foreignness. Man say ring just little reminder of one end of foreverness & why it = 100 % important for enjoy today. especially if today = day what celebrate love of Man & Lady and other people each for the other.

goodbye today reader. monkey say happy anniversary of marriage day to Man & Lady. monkey hope if reader have marriage then it good one like happy marriage of Man & Lady.

if ad come next down there it not from sock monkey. it there because Man = too cheap for pay 30 $ every year for remove ad thing from blog.