yesterday monkey hear Man say someday someone else is going to be living in our house. monkey scratch head for show not understand & ask Man what mean that. Man laugh & ask monkey if monkey think Man & Lady live forever. monkey say yes & Man laugh again. monkey not see what funny & ask Man if that mean Man & Lady not live forever. correct little monkey say Man. this upset monkey 100 %.

why. here why. that mean Man & Lady croak some day like bird monkey once see on lawn in back yard. monkey ask Man when Man croak. again Man laugh & say sooner or later.

monkey ask Man if Man worry about life end in croakness. Man make think face & then say not at all.  that confuse simple brain of monkey & monkey ask why not. Man say there 2 reason. number 1 = it unavoidable and mans & ladies just get used to idea. number 2 = croakness like not exist in time of foreverness before birth so everyone already been there. Man say it better for enjoy life between 2 forevers than worry about what on either end of life.

probably Man = correct but brain of monkey need time for compute idea of croakness what Man share nice with monkey. already since yesterday monkey feel little bit more not 100 % upset.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy life between two forevers & not waste time on stoopididity. like read or watch anything about sarah palin or donald trump. or stare at little screen in hand & text instead of talk with someone at same table in restaurant. or watch award show on televisionon. or etc.

if ad come next down there it not from sock monkey. it there because Man = too cheap for pay 30 $ every year for remove ad thing from blog.