today monkey hear alarm announcement on morning televisionon show from dr somebody that pizza make everybody fat. duh think simple brain of monkey. if mans & ladies & littles eat pizza like pig then yes pizza make fatness. if mans & ladies & littles eat big fat crust pizza with sauce all full from salt & big thick layer of process cheese & junk meat & etc then yes pizza make fatness.

here idea from monkey. if reader love pizza like monkey love pizza then buy more healthy pizza like amys and maybe sprinkle little bit more parmesan cheese & little bit more organic mushroom & etc on pizza and not eat whole thing too. then pizza not dangerous. or make own pizza with ingredient of healthiness.

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader figure way for make good healthy food & not get fatness from food. even simple brain of monkey not find that too hard.

if ad come next down there it not from sock monkey. it there because Man = too cheap for pay 30 $ every year for remove ad thing from blog.