monkey make big yawn ho hum when hear about oscar award nomination baloney. on february 22 monkey plan for have something else for do. why. here why.

simple brain of monkey think oscar award show = 100 % irritating self congratulation fest of 99 % rubbish industry.

monkey hope reader not get monkey wrong. monkey love movie. this year especially boyhood movie and birdman movie and etc. but stoopididity of award show emptiness not get monkey love. no. it make monkey instead want instead fire up dvd machine & watch old monster movie with Man or read fun detective book with Lady. or just even sit & stare like david puddy.

goodbye today reader. money hope reader love movie like monkey but have other thing for do than watch gross self stimulation of movie industry.

if ad come next down there it not from monkey. it there because Man too cheap for pay 30 $ every year for remove ad from blog.