no. monkey not = charlie. monkey not jump on bandwagon machine & start write & say je suis charlie in language of frenchness what monkey not speak or i am charlie in language of englishness what monkey speak ok sometime.

& monkey not want look like bonehead hollywood celebrity what support charlie from safe distance in # 1 exceptional team u$a america land of free home of brave.

no. monkey not = charlie. why. here why. monkey think mans & ladies what work on magazine charlie = immature & silly & obscene & offensive & act like middle school kiddies. monkey think magazine charlie mock for sake of mock and not for sake of grown up satire. and charlie mans & ladies = dumb for not know when quit. monkey think just because maybe someone like charlie mans & ladies have right for make crude & stupid & racist & bigot comment & picture not mean it have to. Man say it show lack of civilized restraint what the world already have enough of.

so monkey not charlie. Man too not charlie. monkey & Man both 100 % sorry for many death in great city paris in great country france. but monkey & Man agree it not take hero for provoke own death by make hateful & bigot cartoon. maybe if mans & ladies of charlie work more hard for build peaceful community of tolerance instead of stir up more hate & trouble then many headline about paris not = 100 % terrible.

goodbye today reader. maybe monkey lose follower because monkey not = charlie but that ok with monkey. monkey just make exercise of right for speak mind out.