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dordtoday monkey find out about story of dord & have big laugh. if reader want find out about unword dord then click link ghost word dord for info.

monkey think dord = 100 % super good word anyway & why not make dord go work in english language. Man help monkey write 4 example how dord maybe go in dictionary again.

  • dord (n.): 1 an embodiment of an exceptionally dense concentration of narcissism, obtuseness, and robopathy 2 your basic off-the-rack politician, celebrity, or pundit
  • dordful (adj.): having a weighty appearance but, in fact, lacking substance, merit, or depth 2 giving an impression of rectitude, but wanting in moral development 3 a term generally descriptive of politicians, CEOs, trust fund kiddies, and art critics
  • dordfully (adv): 1 in an overblown, pompous manner 2 in the style characteristic of vacuous political verbosity
  • to dord (v.): 1 to become morbidly overweight 2 to focus one’s efforts over the course of a lifetime in the single-minded pursuit of ever larger concretions of wealth and power

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader think about 100 % great unword dord & maybe start use dord when talk & write & maybe pretty soon dord go back in dictionary book & then mans and ladies have great word for use when speak & write.