maybe reader think monkey say happy new year reader today. but today monkey surprise reader & not say just happy new year. why. here why.

word happy mean different thing in each brain of all mans & ladies & littles on earth planet. and monkey know happy feeling not last long in world of human creature. monkey not say it bad for wish happiness. that not what monkey say. monkey say just maybe it better for 1st wish other thing. here 7 wish & hope of monkey for reader in year 2015.

  1. good health in body & mind
  2. safety & peace
  3. good back up plan when thing go south + toughness for pull up sock & carry on with upper lip of stiffness
  4. enough $$$ for keep floating + little bit more at least
  5. family & friend for share life nice with
  6. time & chance for learn many new thing of interestingness for make brain expand with knowing
  7. happiness whatever that mean to reader

especially monkey & Man & Lady wish all good thing + happiness too to

son & daughterinlaw & grandson of Man & Lady what live far away

2 granddaughter of Man & Lady what live not far away

sister of Lady & husband of sister of Lady what live not far away

2 brother of Man

more other family of Man & Lady & friend too

goodbye today reader. monkey hope reader enjoy # 1-7 in 365 day of year 2015.